Clubs and Organizations

Stritch has more than 30 students clubs and organizations on campus, including: Asian Student Association; Black Student Union; Game Club; Gay/Straight Alliance; International Student Organization; Japanese Culture and Animation Club; Judo; Mathematics & Computers Science Club; Model UN; Philosophy Club; Psychology Club; Radio Lobo; Sociology Club; Spanish Club; Sport Management Club; Student Government Association; Student Nursing Association (SNA); Veterans Student Organization

This includes a number of councils, boards and committees dedicated to making University life a complete experience. In addition, Stritch offers a number of academic organizations geared to enhance student knowledge and offers an array of creative groups to fit anyone's need to be expressive or artistic.

Asian Student Association
This is a club dedicated to sharing the unique cultural backgrounds and engaging in educating students and faculty of all races to learn more about Asian cultures, holidays, and customs.

Beta Sigma Omega
A Greek fraternity that exists to turn men into men dedicated to God and to each other. The fraternity strives to represent the voices of African Americans and other minorities.

Black Student Union
The BSU will improve the campus environment by encouraging involvement of Black students in all campus activities. Also, the BSU will promote the Stritch spirit and tradition of excellence and heighten awareness and friendship between races. The BSU will represent the interests and concerns of black students at Stritch.

Game Club
Provides a fun and casual setting for people to play games, ranging from board games, role play, and video games.

Gay/Straight Alliance
The Gay/Straight Alliance exists to promote awareness and acceptance within a diverse community of LGBTQ+ individuals and their straight allies. As a club, they seek to educate people through programming and healthy dialogue to facilitate understanding and positive change. GSA is affiliated with Milwaukee PFLAG, GSAFE, and the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center. GSA promotes support and respect while upholding the Franciscan values and traditions of Cardinal Stritch University.

Genesian Players
The Genesian Players seek, through their support of theatrical activities on campus, to foster the motto of the University, Ut probetis potiora, "to value the better things" and to further, through their collaborative and service efforts, the University’s Franciscan values. The mission of the club is to expand and explore theatre and other performing arts in a growing community by being involved, and taking pride in the arts at Stritch.

Hispanic Club
Hola! This club is for students who have an interest in the Spanish language and culture. We work to increase awareness and understanding of the Latino-Hispanic culture through events such as Cinco de Mayo Festival, Food Fairs, Salsa Dancing, guest speakers and trips. We welcomes all students! 

International Student Organization
Organized and managed by International and American Students to provide an environment that supports cultural, educational, and social enhancement within the Stritch community. Through educational opportunities and social events, the ISO promotes awareness around issues of cultural diversity and helps foster intercultural understanding. Annual club events include International Education Week and the International Food Fair during Fall Semester, as well as Karnival/Mardi Gras and the International Soccer Tournament during Spring Semester. All students are welcome!

Japanese Culture and Animation Club
Enhances the Stritch community by introducing and educating the student body to new experiences through culture and language and exposing students to traditional and pop cultural events of Japan.

A club/class that exists to teach skills of self-defense and foster a sense of physical well-being. For the past 20 years, Stritch alumnus and 5th degree black belt Dennis Staral, '93, has introduced countless students, faculty, staff and alumni to judo through an accredited, one-credit class (Self Defense 1) offered each semester. For more information, Dennis Staral at or (414) 410-4174. 

Mathematics & Computers Science Club
This club engages in problem solving to see how mathematics, computer science, and information systems touch our lives in various ways, and to explore career opportunities open to graduates with computer skills and mathematical problems solving ability.

Model United Nations (Model UN)
Model UN is both a club and a class offered at Cardinal Stritch University. It is a forum of colleges and universities nationally that gather to debate current global issues in a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council. Members study the function and workings of the United Nations, and then proceed to represent a specific country at an annual conference of the Model United Nations. This organization offers credits for the experience.

Philosophy Club
Philosophy club serves as a forum for people to get together and discuss a wide variety of issues in an attempt to answer questions concerning the world we live in today as well as the age-old questions people have been grappling with for centuries. The goal of this club is to spread the importance of deep thought and contemplation in our every day activities.

Psi Chi
This is a student organization dedicated to educating psychology students and the Stritch community about psychology related issues and to offer first-hand psychology related experiences.

Psychology Club
The Psychology Club works to promote interest and awareness in psychological affairs. It also serves as a resource for students interested in majoring in psychology, building a career, or just exploring a personal interest in the field. Lunchtime discussions are held focusing on current psychological topics. Guest speakers, events, service opportunities, and trips, are offered to members. Any-one with an interest is welcome to attend Psychology Club events.

Radio Lobo
Radio Lobo is a student-run internet radio station that offers students "broadcasting" experience. Its mission is to inform, entertain, and educate the Stritch student body, while also reaching out to others interested in Radio Lobo programming. Students have the opportunity to produce and host shows that offer music, talk, news and sports formats and get the chance to call play-by-play of Stritch sporting events. Radio Lobo is currently located online at   

Residence Hall Association
RHA represents all students living in Clare Hall and Assisi Hall and the Coventry Apartments. RHA serves as a voice to the University regarding resident concerns and opinions. They also provide a variety of activities and events which benefit resident students. RHA is comprised of executive officers, wing representatives, and general hall members along with four committees: Activities, Publicity, Food Services, and the Student Action Team. The Activities and Publicity committees collaborate to provide programs for resident students while the Food Service committee works with the University Dining Services to improve residents’ dining experiences. The Student Action Team works to address and take action on student issues on campus.

Sigma Gamma Rho
A Greek sorority that is based in service, scholarship, and sister-hood.

Sociology Club
Sociology Club is designed to enable the student body to understand the sociological factors that affect them and their community. They hold bi-weekly discussions on important and current issues in the field of sociology, with the goal of facilitating new viewpoints along with a secular understanding of the issues.

Sport Management Club
This club is dedicated to giving students, staff, and faculty, along with organizations, an opportunity to advance ideas, choices, and events in the field of Sport Management. Members network with Stritch Alumni and community leaders to locate mentors, internships, and jobs for Sport Management majors. This club has hosted a number of events on campus. The Sport Management club has also worked in coordination with the WNBA.

Stritch Students for Life
Dedicated to educating and calling students into action for the pro-life movement, this club promotes all aspects of the pro-life movement, including the ending of genocide, anti-death penalty legislation, and social justice. Meetings and events include Bowling for Babies, the Wishing Well Program, and forums on cur-rent issues.

Student Programming Board (SPB)
SPB is the activities planning committee for SGA (Student Government Association). Its goal is to increase leadership, educational, and social programming on campus. Contact the SGA Vice President of Programming at for more information.

Student Government Association (SGA)
SGA is the main governing body for all undergraduate students and is the guiding force behind student life. With a committed group of professional student leaders, SGA strives to create effective change on campus, address students’ needs and concerns, and facilitate programs and activities. SGA is open to all undergraduate students interested in making effective change on campus. SGA seeks to be the guiding force behind student life at Cardinal Stritch University. Monthly forums are held to address student concerns on a variety of topics including Food Services, Student Life, Parking, Campus Beautification, etc. For a hard copy of the SGA Constitution, please contact the SGA executive board at

Student Nursing Association (SNA)
The SNA is a local professional student nursing organization for nursing majors in the Associate and Baccalaureate degree programs. It is a functional chapter of the Wisconsin Student Nurses Association and the National Student Nurses Association. This is the largest independent student health professional organization in the country and, more importantly, the only one run by nursing students for nursing majors. The SNA provides all nursing students an opportunity and means for self-expression and self-government and to promote nursing as a profession. Meetings are held semi-monthly and members are involved in the State Convention, Nurses Day at the Capitol, Milwaukee District Nurses Day Parade, service learning projects and the University health fair. To join, complete a SNA form from the Nursing office RB 115.

Student Wisconsin Education Association (Student WEA)
The Student Wisconsin Education Association (Student WEA) is a pre-professional organization consisting of college students pursuing careers as educators. Student WEA provides an additional perspective on public education including: contracts, salary schedules, updates on PI34, and information on local, state and national public education issues. Become informed on the issues facing public school educators by getting involved in Student WEA.

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)
SIFE is a national program which seeks to increase students’ understanding of the business world by providing students with a real world business experience and opportunities for networking. SIFE is a fast growing club on campus and has well over 20 members. The team strategically plans a variety of community/business projects and upon completion, presents their research and portfolios at a regional competition. Traditionally, our team has ranked at the top in the region.

Veterans Student Organization
This club exists to support veteran students and demonstrate care for the veteran community.

Working Titles
For writers to uphold the creativity and independent thought of a legion of writers who support, critique and inspire one another.

Other Opportunities for Involvement

Some activities and events at Stritch are offered on a regular basis but do not fall under the heading of clubs. These events are open to all students and publicity is posted around campus regarding upcoming meetings and opportunities. For more information on any of these listings, please contact the Student Success Center.

Alternative Spring Break
The students do fundraising for this trip and they form a community with reflections and sharing as they grow person-ally and spiritually.

Campus Mascot (Stritch Wolf)
Serves as the University’s mascot and performs at athletic and University events. Participants are able to increase their abilities in tumbling, theatrics, and crowd antics by attending spirit camps. For more information, click here.

Christian Students Ecumenical Leadership
Students of various denominations gather to engage in campus ministry that is inclusive and empowering for prayer and community building.

Franciscan Student Leadership Pilgrimage
Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities (A.F.C.U.)
In an effort to broaden and enrich the understanding of the Franciscan Values important to the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, to the University, and to the world including ~ Making Peace ~ Reverencing Creation ~ Showing Compassion ~ Creating a Caring Community ~ Cardinal Stritch University provides yearly funding for students to participate in the Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities (A.F.C.U.) Franciscan Pilgrimage.

International Service Trips
International service trips provide affordable group travel opportunities for students who want to participate in community service.

RSVP (Religious Scholars Vocation Program)
The RSVP program is a four year program that offers undergraduate ministry formation, theological reflection, internships, and educational discussions in an intentional student community. Participants must exemplify values compatible with faith-based leadership and express a statement of faith and sense of God’s calling.

Urban Fellows Program
The Urban Fellows Program is coordinated through the Center for Calling and Engagement. Students have the opportunity to make a difference right now in their community through program tracks: Summer Social Justice Internship, Community Based Placement and Internships, and SCOPE Corps (Stritch Center for Opportunity and Promise in Education).