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Student Success Center Staff

The Student Success Center is comprised of five major areas including: Academic and Career Advising, Student Support, Student Affairs, Mission Engagement and Retention and is led by the Senior Director of Student Success who also assists students in the resolution of non-academic concerns, serving as a liaison between the administration and students on matters concern student life at Stritch. The Senior Director of Student Success also serves as the University Title IX Coordinator.

Tracy Fischer
Senior Director of Student Success
Title IX Coordinator
(414) 410-4266

Amber Sanders
Administrative Assistant
(414) 410-4078

Academic and Career Advising

The department of Academic and Career Advising uses an advising approach that assists students in connecting their academic and career goals as they navigate through their experience at Stritch. It includes functions such as academic advising for all undergraduate students, as well as graduate students in the College of Business and Management, collaborative efforts with professional and faculty advisors in all colleges and career discernment and counseling services.

Kristy Sprung
Director of Academic and Career Advising
(414) 410-4091

Academic Advising

Stephanie Holguin
Associate Director of Academic and Career Advising
(414) 410-4442

Dan Geddes
Assistant Director of Academic and Career Advising
(414) 410-4070

Julie Mangan
Academic Advisor
(414) 410-4090

Sarah Nelson
Academic Advisor
College of Business and Management
(414) 410-8601

Anna Phelan
Academic Advisor
College of Business and Management
Site Manager - Madison
(414) 410-8705

Holly Radke
Senior Academic Advisor
Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing and Health Sciences 
(414) 410-4051

Jennifer Schopp
Academic Advisor
(414) 410-4311

Wilson "Doug" Thompson
Academic Advisor
College of Business and Management
Site Manager - Brookfield
(414) 410-8651

Career Exploration and Advising

Jessica Muth
Career Counselor
(414) 410-8654

Student Support

The department of Student Support provides holistic support to all students so they are best prepared to be successful at Stritch. It includes functions such as academic support, coordinated disability services and the wellness center (which provides counseling and health services).

Kate Meudt
Director of Student Support
(414) 410-4702

Academic Support

Fred Brautigam
Assistant Director of Academic Support
(414) 410-4826

Amber Fox
Academic Facilitator (Math)
(414) 410-4039

Anthony Marinetti
Academic Facilitator (English/OWL)
(414) 410-4165

Disability Services

Michael Schade
Disability Services Coordinator
(414) 410-4828

Wellness Center

Laura Hempe
Associate Director of the Wellness Center
(414) 410-4194

Mary Beth Wisniewski
(414) 410-4146

Miriah Thompson
Health and Wellness Facilitator
(414) 410-4152

Sally LaRosa
Nurse Practitioner
(414) 410-4854

Student Affairs

The department of Student Affairs offers diverse hallmark experiences for students that support their educational activities and aid in their personal development. In addition, the department oversees the institution's conduct policies and creates a supportive environment where all students can be successful. It includes functions such as residence life, campus programming, international education, study abroad and career education.

Donney Moroney
Dean of Students
(414) 410-4329

Residence Life

Samantha Younglove
Residence Life Coordinator - Clare Hall Director
(414) 410-4504

Matt Weiss
Residence Life Coordinator - Assisi Hall Director
(414) 410-4252 

International Education and Study Abroad

Sarah Sweeney
Coordinator of International Education and Study Abroad
(414) 410-4187

Multicultural Programs

Joanna Brooks
Multicultural Programs Coordinator
(414) 410-4696

Career Education

Tom Kipp
Assistant Director of Internship and Career Engagement
(414) 410-4156

Mission Engagement

The department of Mission Engagement offers programming for students, staff and faculty that promote the understanding and embracing of the University's mission by the entire institutional community. It includes functions such as University Ministry and its associated activities, collaborative development of experiential learning opportunities, facilitation of first year experience programs, learning community development and direct support of the Liberal Arts core and its connection with the Franciscan values.

Sean Lansing
Director of Mission Engagement
(414) 410-4583

Experiential Learning

Sean Lybeck-Smoak
Assistant Director of Experiential Learning
(414) 410-4730

Learning Communities

Arely Dorsey
Learning Community Coordinator
(414) 410-4920

University Ministry

Breanna Mekuly
Assistant Director of University Ministry
(414) 410-4722


Retention is an area within the Student Success Center that facilitates a university-wide effort to boost student retention and degree completion through direct outreach, outcomes assessment and analysis. The Retention Coordinator works with divisions, departments and programs across the University to coordinate retention-related initiatives and to provide student centered service to meet the needs of all students.

Catherine Taft
Retention Coordinator
(414) 410-4338