Spiritual Growth

Celebrations are held throughout the year acknowledging the influence of Sts. Francis and Clare and other Franciscans who have inspired us.

Spiritual Growth

University Ministry provides many different options for spiritual growth. 

For example, we gather as a community to grow and explore our spirituality and faith in the following activities:

  • Catechism 101 (semesterly events)
    • we explore topics as they relate to Catholic teaching, faith and beliefs
  • Small Groups (bi-monthly meetings)
    • Small groups join to talk about faith formation and spiritual development as it relates to different topics
    • Topic examples: Women and Spirituality Small Faith Group; Caring for Creation Small Faith Group
    • Contact Akua if you would like to join a small group
  • Prayer Services (semesterly events)
    • We gather to celebrate prayer services in English, Spanish, and both languages. We pray for our community members, the earth, God's creation, and with special intention in light of current social justice events. 
    • Many prayer services are student led and organized. If you are interested in planning prayer services, contact us!
    • Examples of prayer services:Tree planting service (fall), Ecumenical Spanglish Service, International Peace Day Ecumenical Service, Mass of St. Francis, Earth Day Service (spring), etc.

We also provide opportunities for Stritch community members to grow and explore their spirituality individually or in pastoral conversations with the minister.

  • There are a few places on campus where the Stritch community can go to relax, pray, or meditate.
    • Interfaith Prayer Room (in Serra Hall by the Cafeteria entrance)
    • Meditation Garden (behind the Board room by the Blue room and Staff Lounge)
    • Chapel (second floor of Bonaventure Hall)
    • Labyrinth (outside near the water fountain)  
  • Feel free to set up a time with Akua to talk about:
    • Spirituality 
      • Who am I? What do I believe?
      • Who or what is God? What does my belief in the (non?) existence of God mean for my life?
    • Religion
      • Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Atheism, Non-religion, etc.
    • Peace and Social Justice
      • Racism, Sexism, Classism, etc.
      • Environmental Concerns
    • Vocation and Calling
      • Who am I? Who am I called to be? How am I called to get there?
    • Ethics and Theology
      • Sexual ethics
      • Medical ethics
    • Virtues and Vices
    • Questions/Doubts that arise from your experiences with:
      • Classes
      • Sexuality and Gender
        • Identity
        • LGBTQ 
        • Healthy Relationships and Spirituality
      • Culture and Society
      • Family structure
      • Friendships or Roommates
      • Being a first generation student

*important to note: We will refer you to seek counseling for struggles with depression, mental illness, thoughts of suicide or self-harm, familial issues that become more than just spiritual questions, intense roommate conflicts, coping with past trauma, etc. because we care for your, your health, an dour wider community and have limits to the services we can best provide.