The Department of Languages offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. A semester education abroad program or an internship abroad is required for a major.


The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. The Department regularly offers courses in Spanish, French, Italian and German.

The objectives of language studies are to enable students to communicate effectively through the development of skills in understanding, speaking, reading and writing the language and to understand and appreciate the values of cultures and world- views that are different from their own. Modern language study increases students’ awareness of their own values and beliefs. Classes in literature and civilization acquaint students with the masterpieces in the foreign culture.

When coordinated with studies in other departments, the major will satisfy students with widely differing career goals: working in international business, law, or industry; performing government service; teaching in elementary or secondary schools; continuing language studies in graduate school; working for museums; doing research in original languages; serving in the tourism industry; working in the health care or social service professions.

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A Spanish immersion experience is required for all students who have declared a major, minor or a certificate in the Department. This requirement is usually satisfied during the junior or senior year in either the fall or spring semester and can be taken as a pass/fail option or for credit (1-4 credits). Under the guidance of a faculty member and approval of the department, the student will be able to choose from a variety of options to fulfill this requirement. Some of the options include: studying abroad, volunteering or doing an internship in a Spanish-speaking country or at a local Latino community organization. This immersion experience will allow the student to apply learned language skills to real life situations and will be tailored to meet the needs and interests of each one of the majors and minors. In the past, Stritch students have studied abroad and volunteered in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Others have worked for immigration offices or teaching Spanish to adults in the Milwaukee area.

The Department of Modern Languages also offers a Certificate in Spanish Interpretation and a minor in Spanish Translation. The Spanish Interpreting certificate (16 credits) and Spanish Translation Minor (21 credits) are designed to enhance students’ language expertise and prepare them for an interpreting/translating career in the legal, business and medical fields. The course work will involve the study of techniques for interpretation and translation as well as terminology and regional language variations. At the same time, students will gain a better understanding of the interpreting and translating field by participating in workshops for students seeking national accreditation, by speaking with professionals in the different areas and by completing an immersion experience.

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Transfer Credits You Already Earned

For transfer students, the minimum number of credits required in major courses taken at Cardinal Stritch University is 12, including Senior Seminar. The minimum grade for departmental courses in the major is "C". For post-baccalaureate students seeking certification in Spanish, a minimum number of three credits must be taken in the department.

Download our guide that explains credit acquisition or view a list of institutions we partnered with to establish articulation agreements.

Application Requirements

Applications for admission are reviewed on a rolling basis. To apply to an undergraduate program:

  • Apply online
  • Request transcripts from your school(s)
  • Send us your ACT or SAT scores

Some academic scholarships require having an application on file, and being accepted, to see if you qualify.

International students will need to submit additional information regarding language proficiency and obtaining a student visa.

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