Accepted Students

Congratulations on having been accepted to Stritch!

You've been accepted to Cardinal Stritch University - congratulations! But now what? If you are a first-year student, here’s a list of things to stay on top of to ensure a smooth transition to becoming a Stritch student. And of course, your admission counselor will help make sure that you stay on top of these! 

The following checklist is for freshmen undergraduate students. If you are not a freshman, please click the appropriate link below.

1. Submit your deposit

Confirm your admission and housing status by submitting your deposit. The deposit is $150 for students who live on-campus, and $100 for students who commute.* You can pay the deposit in the following ways:

  • Online: Pay online through our secure site. Log in with your Stritch student ID (found on your acceptance letter) and last name. Please contact your admission counselor with any questions.
  • Mail: Mail a check, payable to Cardinal Stritch University, to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Phone: Contact the Business Office at (414) 410-4232 and pay your deposit by using a credit or debit card.

    *The $100 tuition deposit is refundable until May 1, and the $50 room and board deposit is refundable until July 28.

Once you pay your deposit, don't forget to request your free t-shirt!

2. Submit your Housing Preference Form

If you plan to live on-campus, reserve your space by submitting your Housing Preference Form on My Stritch. Using the ID number that you received in your acceptance packet, go to  My Stritch and click on the ‘Stritch Resources’ tab. Click on ‘ Housing Preference Form’ in the left navigation window to complete the form. Early submission will give you the greatest chance of receiving your preferred room type. The Housing Preference Form is not considered received until both the form and the deposit are received. Students who plan on living at home and commuting to campus should still complete the Housing Preference Form and submit the $100 tuition deposit. 

3. File your financial aid paperwork

After Jan. 1 of your senior year of high school, you can complete the  FAFSA, which is the federal form that’s required if you plan to receive financial aid. Stritch’s Financial Aid Office will also contact you regarding any other documents that are required.

4. Submit your health history form

All full-time students are required to submit a confidential  health history form before the first day of classes. Log into My Stritch using your My Stritch username and password and click on the 'Stritch Resources' tab. Click on 'Medical History Portlet' in the left navigation window to complete the form. (You must first activate your account before gaining access to My Stritch. Your username and temporary password can be found in the account information letter sent to your mailing address. More information on activating your account can be found here.)

5. Take the Foreign Language Placement Test

Students who took two or more years of high school language in Spanish, French, Russian, or German must take the WebCAPE Language Placement Exam prior to attending a New Student Registration Day. This exam will determine your placement into the proper foreign language level, or waive you out of the foreign language requirement. Go to WebCAPE Language Placement Exam, select 'Cardinal Stritch University' and click 'Go.' Enter the account password: wolf01. Select the language you want to test and complete the exam.

6. Register for classes

After you've been admitted to Stritch, you will receive an invitation in the mail for New Student Registration Day. This is a requirement for all new freshmen.

7. Attend New Student Orientation

After you’ve been accepted to Stritch and have registered for classes at your New Student Registration Day, you’ll be invited to attend Freshman Orientation. Orientation occurs the week before classes begin and is your first and best opportunity to meet your new classmates as well as upperclass student leaders, explore campus, and learn about campus resources and opportunities for involvement. Orientation is filled with social opportunities and optional excursions to explore the city of Milwaukee. More information about New Student Orientation will be mailed to you over the summer. 

8. Join the Class of 2021 Facebook Group

Start connecting with your future classmates before you enroll at Stritch this fall. Joining is easy - simply request to join the Class of 2021 group and we'll get you approved and active in the conversations. Whether you're looking to find new friends with similar interests, talk about who is living where on campus, share questions and concerns, or keep up-to-date on what's going on over the next several months, you can do so in your Facebook group.