The Athletics Department at Stritch offers programs to create a rich offering of intramural and recreational sports.

The Stritch Wolves are affiliated with the NAIA and are part of the Chicagoland Collegiat Athletic Conference (CCAC). This allows us to compete against some of the tougher mid-sized college programs throughout the Midwest, which provides for exciting and competitive match ups.

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NAIA Champions of Character

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Champions of Character program aims to instill five core values in NAIA athletes, coaches, officials and parents. These values are: respect, responsibility, integrity, servant leadership, and sportsmanship. These values parallel Franciscan values of the University, which are integrated throughout the curriculum. As a program center for the Champions of Character program, Stritch works with students, coaches and parents in the greater Milwaukee community to promote these same five core values through workshops and classes.

Athletics Department Scholarships
Students are awarded scholarships for their academic achievement and also for their athletic ability. Because the University is a member of the NAIA, you may be eligible to receive Flahive Athletic Scholarship, which helps make your education at Stritch more affordable.

Balancing Academics and Athletics
We are proud of our athletes’ performance on the playing field and in the classroom. Student athletes are expected to excel in their studies just as they do in their sport. Our coaching staff and academic advisors keep a close watch on the academic performance of our athletes, ensuring their success.

Coaches as Mentors

Our coaching staff is excellent at motivating players to push the boundaries of their performance. They have high expectations both inside the classroom and on the playing field. Coaches aim to develop each athlete as a strong competitor, resulting in strong individuals who take pride in their accomplishments.