Course Descriptions

CIB 420 - Introduction to International Business

(Credits: 2.00)

This course explores practices important to international business, emphasizing the development of a global mindset and exploring the strategic implications of current international issues and trends. The course promotes sensitivity to the unique problems and prospects of international business.

CIB 421 - Cultural Environment of International Business

(Credits: 1.00)

This course examines the broad range of issues and skills that are crucial to cross-cultural interaction encountered by business managers in a global business economy. It prepares students to identify the issues associated with managing and valuing diversity within a domestic context, as well as dealing with issues of international diversity. In addition, the course deals with such issues as the increasing multiethnic composition of the North American labor force, ways in which gender differences impact communication styles and patterns, and the influence of religious beliefs, cultures, and philosophies upon human behaviors and customs at home and abroad.