Course Descriptions

ADM 321 - Statistics I

(Credits: 3.00)

This course introduces students to a variety of data analysis techniques used in planning, decision making, problem solving, and process control functions common in the business world. The course develops the critical-thinking skills needed to identify and interpret statistical reasoning that supports the interpretation of data and emphasizes the meaning and use of statistical information. Prerequisite: ASB 151 or equivalent.

ADM 335 - Accounting II: Managerial Accounting

(Credits: 3.00)

Managerial accounting involves the use of economic and financial information to plan and control many of the activities of the business entity and to support the management decision-making process. In this course, the acquisition, analysis and reporting of accounting information are examined from the perspective of effective management decision making, with special emphasis on the planning and control responsibilities of practicing managers. Prerequisite: ASB 151, ASB 205 or equivalent.

ADM 341 - Microeconomics

(Credits: 3.00)

This course provides students with a basic introduction to and foundation for the methods of economic thinking and, specifically, microeconomics as applied to individuals and individual organizations within the economy. It leads students to consider how and why individuals and societies choose to use the resources available to them and the results of those choices. Prerequisite: ASB 151 or equivalent..

ADM 346 - Macroeconomics

(Credits: 3.00)

This course provides a basic foundation in the principles of macroeconomics as applied to the overall economy and its behavior. It leads students to consider how and why the economy is affected by periods of expansion and recession, by inflation and unemployment, and by foreign trade and exchange, as well as other economic variables. It also reviews, in detail, the supply and demand relationship among goods, services and labor as they apply to a global economy. Prerequisite: ASB 151 or equivalent.

ADM 406 - Managerial Finance

(Credits: 3.00)

In this course, students use spreadsheet applications and learn the latest financial management techniques to optimize the wealth of a business. The course provides a foundation by addressing such topics as the role of finance, the mathematics of finance, and the theories of how to value a business. The course also covers the management of accounts receivable and inventories, financing long-term assets, issuing stocks and bonds, and the constraints of taxes and regulations. Prerequisite: ADM 335, ASB 151 or equivalent.

ADM 411 - Business Law II

(Credits: 3.00)

This course provides a basic overview of legal principles and provides an intermediate-level study of the nature, formation and application of those principles in the business environment.

ADM 496 - Capstone: Business Policy and Strategy

(Credits: 5.00)

Organizational strategic planning has long been identified as a crucial factor in organizational performance. This course presents the theory, research and practice of strategic planning in organizations. That includes consideration of the impact of strategic planning on organizational performance, choosing strategies and strategy implementation, and evaluation. Through a detailed case study, students will apply this knowledge using a framework that integrates prior learning from previous business administration courses. The main product of this course is an individually written, comprehensive, integrative case study of strategic planning. Prerequisite: Completion of all other BSBA major coursework.

ASB 151 - Applied Math for Business I

(Credits: 3.00)

This course covers broad concepts in math applied to business. It equips students with computational skills useful in economic and financial topics, preparing students for further study in those fields. Students will apply linear and exponential functions and graphs to realistic business situations and be introduced to set theory and logical principles.

ASB 205 - Accounting I: Financial Accounting

(Credits: 3.00)

This course is an overview of the accounting process, presenting the nature of accounting information and how it is used in managerial decision making. It focuses on basic accounting knowledge and the relationships among balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flow, and statements of retained earnings. Prerequisite: ASB 151 or equivalent.

MGT 301 - Critical Thinking and Writing

(Credits: 3.00)

This course further develops analytical writing and critical thinking skills introduced in ASB 101 Introduction to Written Communication. It cultivates the required skills for critical argumentation by encouraging students to engage in and converse with various readings. Students will assign significance to these readings, analyze and reflect on them, and construct their own critical responses and arguments. Prerequisite: ASB 101 or equivalent.

MGT 306 - Principles of Self Management

(Credits: 4.00)

This introductory course challenges adult students to find the balance between available time and energy and the demands of their environment. It is designed to assist students with setting the stage for success by focusing on ways to develop a healthy self-concept and by recognizing the relationships between the results of personal effort and constructive strategies for working, studying, and recreating. During this course, students will plan and complete a community service project.

MGT 405 - Management and Leadership

(Credits: 3.00)

This course provides an overview of the fields of management and administration. Students will study the techniques of management and leadership, as well as practical applications to improve managerial effectiveness.

MGT 426 - Marketing

(Credits: 3.00)

This course provides the student with an overview of the role of marketing within the organizational environment. It examines the factors affecting consumer behavior and focuses on the development of marketing strategies and the recognition of marketing variables. The course is a combination of theory and practical application, providing the student with the opportunity to analyze a marketing plan for an existing or innovative product.

MGT 430 - Introduction to Management Information Systems

(Credits: 3.00)

This introductory course is a study of computer information systems, focusing on concepts and case studies of real-world problems. It provides the tools to use information systems as an end-user manager and to follow the trends of developing technology.

MGT 460 - Business Ethics

(Credits: 3.00)

This course deals with the ethical implications of management decision making in society. It places emphasis on the ethical impact of contemporary social, political and economic issues.