Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions MBA 500 - Graduate Success Seminar (Credits: 3.00) This course provides an introduction to the MBA program at Cardinal Stritch University. Students in this graduate success seminar are introduced to the MBA themes of: the global, cross-cultura

ADM 321 - Statistics I

(Credits: 3.00)

This course introduces students to a variety of data analysis techniques used in planning, decision making, problem solving, and process control functions common in the business world. The course develops the critical-thinking skills needed to identify and interpret statistical reasoning that supports the interpretation of data and emphasizes the meaning and use of statistical information. Prerequisite: ASB 151 or equivalent.

ASB 205 - Accounting I: Financial Accounting

(Credits: 3.00)

This course is an overview of the accounting process, presenting the nature of accounting information and how it is used in managerial decision making. It focuses on basic accounting knowledge and the relationships among balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flow, and statements of retained earnings. Prerequisite: ASB 151 or equivalent.

MGT 500 - Graduate Success Seminar

(Credits: 3.00)

This course provides an introduction to the MSM Program at Cardinal Stritch University. Students in this graduate success seminar are introduced to the MBA themes of: the global, cross-cultural, and ethical context in business; the business case for leading organizations that value people, planet and profit; and seeing and responding to the “big picture” in new, innovative, and adaptive ways. Content imparts a greater appreciation for self-management, self-assessment, graduate-level research and writing, and overall preparation for success in your degree, career, and life. A deeper and more meaningful understanding of Franciscan values is also emphasized through teamwork, service, and reflection, to build adaptive leadership skills and raise corporate consciousness to balance people, planet and profit.

MGT 505 - Advanced Management and Leadership

(Credits: 4.00)

Students explore in depth the basic management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, as well as the competencies associated with successful management such as teamwork, global awareness, planning and administration, and communication. In addition, they learn how effective leadership can promote the achievement of organizational objectives. Students also complete a community service project as part of this course.

MGT 521 - Strategic Business Financial Management and Control I

(Credits: 3.00)

During this course students will assess the role of financial and managerial accounting in business decisions and evaluate quantitative analysis techniques that support informed business decision-making in a global business environment. Students will predict outcomes of business decisions based on research and data analysis and evaluate different sources of capital for business and strategies of organizational financing in a global and cross-cultural context.

MGT 528 - Statistical Analysis for Managers

(Credits: 3.00)

The emphasis in this course is on statistical and research methods as they apply to management problems and decisions. Students will learn statistical tools and how to use and analyze appropriate data to promote quality effectiveness. Prerequisite: ADM 321 or equivalent.

MGT 532 - Advanced Human Resource Management

(Credits: 3.00)

This course presents a systematic framework for understanding the human resource management functions within an organization. The students will get an overview of human resource management and examine how its functions relate to improving productivity and quality in order to meet organizational objectives and competitive challenges.

MGT 534 - Managing and Motivating Teams

(Credits: 3.00)

In this course, students learn about team dynamics and how to manage and motivate teams and team members. Students learn how interpersonal, management, and conflict resolution skills are beneficial to solving problems, making decisions, and completing projects.

MGT 535 - Advanced Organizational Behavior

(Credits: 3.00)

This course deals with individual and group behaviors within an organization. It focuses on challenging employees to exceed performance goals while remaining committed to core values of the organization. The course covers the theoretical approach to organizational behavior and also the application of these concepts to real-world situations.

MGT 540 - Managing Technology for Organizations

(Credits: 3.00)

This course enables students to develop the skills and concepts needed to achieve organizational goals using the management of technology and the information it generates. The course focuses on how information technology enables organizations to operate in more effective and efficient ways.

MGT 545 - Managing Change

(Credits: 3.00)

Drawing from the areas of organizational behavior and management, this course focuses on the manager's role in effecting change within an organization. Through the study of cases of successful organizational change, students will learn the tools and techniques in order to manage in a changing environment.

MGT 547 - Intrapreneurship

(Credits: 3.00)

This course focuses on creative problem solving and decision making to achieve value for an organization's stakeholders. It covers the approaches, guidelines, and skills needed to identify and develop intrapreneurial opportunities for competitive advantage and organizational success.

MGT 562 - Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers

(Credits: 3.00)

In this course, students will examine the language and concepts of accounting and finance so that, as non-financial managers, they can communicate more effectively with the fiscal personnel in an organization. Students will study key accounting and financial principles in order to analyze and manage costs and profits. Budgets, as management planning and control tools, also are discussed.

MGT 574 - Ethical Issues and Social Responsibility

(Credits: 3.00)

In this course, students learn about the ethical and social responsibilities necessary for managing in today's environment. By examining ethical and social issues that they encounter as managers, students learn to identify common patterns of success and failure related to the ethical and social behaviors of organizations.

MGT 584 - Capstone: Strategic Management for Organizations

(Credits: 3.00)

Corporate and organizational leaders design strategic organizational management processes to deal effectively with change. Using case analysis, SWOT analysis and policy analysis and design, students will investigate how these processes promote ideal organizational positioning in a world of change. Based on the formulation of mission and vision statements, students will examine the impact of organizational culture and strategic planning and management to determine how these elements affect the achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives. In addition, students will investigate a problem in the workplace and apply techniques and methodologies learned in previous course work to investigate possible solutions. The students will present their research, analysis, and recommendations in the form of a significant paper and oral defense. Prerequisite: Completion of all other MSM course work.