Course Descriptions

RL 507 - Emergent Literacy

(Credits: 3.00)

This course introduces students to topics in fields related to the needs of beginning readers and writers. Students examine, discuss, and apply their knowledge of the following topics: language and literacy development, appropriate practices to meet the diverse language and literacy needs of young children, and assessment of language and literacy development.

RL 509 - Practicum: Assessment and Instruction of Literary Difficulties

(Credits: 3.00)

This course provides a field-based experience for students to apply tools and strategies to support literacy development that have been learned thus far in the program. Students work with struggling readers and writers, assessing their strengths, interests and needs, and then planning and implementing appropriate instruction to address the learners' specific challenges. Prerequisite: Enrollment is contingent upon successful completion (grade of C or better) of all courses and benchmarks listed on the program calendar that take place before the practicum..

RL 510 - Language, Cognition and Literacy

(Credits: 3.00)

This course includes examination, discussion, and application of linguistic and learning differences as applied to the relationship among language, cognition, and literacy.

RL 517 - Literacy Development in the Content Area

(Credits: 3.00)

This course focuses on the role of the middle/secondary school teacher in developing strategic learners. Students learn strategies for teaching children how to use disciplinary text-based literacies to understand and use information.

RL 519 - Word Recognition

(Credits: 2.00)

This course is designed to examine effective word identification, spelling, and writing instruction. Students will examine research and theory in this course, but it is closely tied to classroom instruction and to the content of the rest of the program. Discussions and work sessions focus on phonological awareness instruction and activities, phonics instruction, strategies for integrating word study with literature, and assessment. Spelling instruction is necessarily integrated.

RL 524 - Literacy Seminar I

(Credits: 1.00)

This course is designed to add to the body of knowledge and strategies used in an exemplary literacy program. Participants will gain an understanding of how the 'scaffolding' model of teaching and learning can enhance and lead to higher achievement in student learning. Each seminar will focus on a specific literacy teaching practice that is grounded in research and applied in the classroom. Participants will reflect on these practices, create a model lesson and apply it in their classrooms. Through collegial dialogue, teachers will share their lessons, identifying strengths and next steps for improvement.

RL 558 - Reading and Writing with Children

(Credits: 3.00)

This course is designed to examine effective, diverse reading and writing instruction and assessment. Students examine research and theory in this course, as well as consider how they plan to incorporate the reading of literature into instruction and assessment and how to design writing programs.

RL 559 - Comprehension

(Credits: 3.00)

This course is an in-depth study in the area of comprehension. Students read cognitive and sociocultural theories related to comprehension development as well as learn about diverse contexts for comprehension instruction. Students examine and reflect on their own comprehension instruction.