Carole J. Hetzel

Associate Professor


Chair - Psychology - Undergraduate
Faculty - Psychology Undergraduate

Research interests

  • Gender; sexual orientation; gender identity


  • Hardt Schultz, R. F. & Hetzel, C. J. (2014). The ABCs of CSR: A Social Psychological Model for Accelerating Sustainability. Business Journal of Entrepreneurs, 2014 (2).
  • Hetzel, C.J., Laskey, M. L., & Hardt-Schultz, R.F. (2014). The Nuances of Tutoring and Academic Performance of Undergraduate Students. Eric Publications (ED546483).
  • Hetzel, C.J. (2012) Exploring the relationship between public opinion and personal attitudes and behavior toward lesbian and gay men: Social conformity revisited. Journal of Homosexuality, 58 (10), 1421-1441.
  • Laskey, M. L. & Hetzel, C. J.  (2011). Investigating Factors Related to the Retention of At-risk College Students. Learning Assistance Review, 16 (1), 31-43.
  • Laskey, M. L. & Hetzel, C. J. (2010). Self-regulated Learning, Metacognition, and Soft Skills: The 21st Century Learner. Milwaukee, WI: Cardinal Stritch University (ERIC).

Book Chapter

  • Trost, S.E., & Hetzel, C.J. (2015). Sexual Dysfunctions and Gender Dysphoria.  In B. Burke, S.E. Trost, T. DeRoon-Cassini, M.T. Nietzel, E.A. McCauley, D.A. Bernstein, & M. L. Speltz (Eds.), Abnormal Psychology. Cleveland, OH: Yolo Publishing.  

Works in Progress

  • Hetzel, C. J. & Mann, K. Passing Through the Looking Glass: The Social Psychological Dynamics of Transgender Passing.

Conference Presentations

  • Wisconsin Conference United Church of Christ 2015: “Transgender Youth: Strategies for Affirming and Understanding
  • American Sociological Association August 2014: “Passing Through the Looking Glass: The Social Psychological Dynamics of Transgender Passing-- A Qualitative Study” 
  • Midwest Psychological Association 2014: “Cafeteria Wasteland: A Study of Food Waste on the College Campus: Follow-up Study of Qualitative Interviews
  • Midwest Sociological Association 2014: “Cafeteria Wasteland: A Study of Food Waste on the College Campus
  • Midwest Sociological Society 2012: “Exploring the Relationship between Public Opinion and Personal Attitudes and Behavior toward Lesbians and Gay Men: Social Conformity Revisited

Professional Activities

  • Child and adolescent mental health activist: Waukesha County
  • Peer reviewed reader international journals in sexuality and sexual orientation
  • Member APA (American Psychological Association); MPA (Midwestern Psychological Association); ASA (American Sociological Assoc.); MSS (Midwestern Sociological Society).

Personal Interests

  • Classic movies and film history; travel; culinary arts


  • Ph.D., Walden University
  • M.S., Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • B.A., Cardinal Stritch University

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