Trevor F. Hyde

Assistant Professor


Chair - Clinical Psychology
Faculty - Psychology Graduate

Trevor Hyde worked as a geriatric neuropsychologist prior to joining the faculty of Cardinal Stritch University in 2012. He is currently the director of the master's program in clinical psychology and teaches graduate classes in Advanced Statistics and Research Methods, Biological Bases of Human Behavior, Assessment I (Cognitive), Multicultural Issues in Clinical Psychology, Systems of Psychology, Internship Seminar, and Advanced Personality. His research interests include neuropsychology, psychological test design, neurodegenerative diseases of aging, dementia, cognitive functioning, personality disorders, multicultural issues, social stigma, romantic relationships, sexual orientation, couples therapy, and the psychology of music. In addition to his work with the psychology department, he is a musician who performs and arranges for the Cardinal Stritch chamber ensembles.


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  • Ph.D., Marquette University
  • B.A., Lawrence University

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