316 Reading Teacher Certification/MA Language and Literacy

The M.A. in Language and Literacy degree program, originally founded in 1956, was one of Stritch’s and the nation’s first graduate degrees to respond to the need for well-prepared teachers and specialists in reading.

The program is designed for teachers who want to extend their professional knowledge base about literacy, refine their teaching skills, and become master literacy educators.

Students begin in the 316 Reading Teacher Certification Program (20 Credits). The coursework for the Reading Teacher certification is intended to prepare teachers to provide focused and intensive instruction for small groups of children, especially those who struggle with literacy development in grades K-12. Teachers can immediately apply the knowledge and skills gained from theircoursework to their present classroom situations, and will participate in a culminating field experience at the end of their 316 coursework.

All 316 credits apply toward course work for the master’s degree in Language and Literacy, which may begin immediately following the 316 Reading Certification Program depending on sufficient student interest.  Upon completion of the master degree, students may earn a 17 Reading Specialist license with an additional 3 credit course. The Reading Specialist license prepares individuals to provide professional support regarding literacy instruction for the faculty of an entire building or district. 

Standards from the International Reading Association, Common Core, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Mission Statement of Stritch and the College of Education and Leadership guide the curriculum and instruction for the department.