Mentoring/Coaching Certificate

The Mentoring/Coaching Certificate program is designed for teachers and administrators interested in supporting teachers through mentoring. This program is open to teachers and administrators with at least three years of teaching experience and a dedication to supporting colleagues through mentoring..

Mentoring/Coaching Certificate Program

Earn 10 post-baccalaureate credits taking coursework and workshops that result in a Mentoring/Coaching Certificate.

Why Should I Participate?

Statistics show that approximately one half of beginning teachers nationwide leave the profession within the first five years as many new teachers feel increasingly overwhelmed and under prepared. According to Wisconsin's PI-34, school districts must train mentors to provide support and assistance to initial educators.

A mentoring/coaching certificate will ensure that mentors will gain a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to best serve beginning teachers.

Who Should Participate?

You are eligible to participate in the Mentoring/Coaching Certificate Program if you are a Pre-K-12 educator with at least three years of teaching experience.

Course and Workshop Requirements

  • NTC introduced new curriculum in 2014-2015. 
    • Mentoring for Equity has been replaced by Creating Conditions for Equitable Instruction 
    • Coaching in Complex Situations has been replaced by Designing Effective Instruction
  • The workshop requirements include:

Register online for any of the workshops/courses listed in the file

The course credit is offered through Professional Development at Cardinal Stritch University. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion from the College of Education and Leadership.

The Mentoring/Coaching Certificate can be completed within one academic year, but participants have a maximum of five years to complete the program, taking into consideration the timing of the courses and workshops.

Enrollment Process

  • You must first apply for admission by completing and submitting the Mentoring/Coaching Certificate Program enrollment form and mail or fax to Southeast Wisconsin New Teacher Project (SEWNTP).
    SEWNTP, Cardinal Stritch University, 6801 N Yates Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53217 or Fax (414) 410-4705
  • Register for ED 690 Understanding, Supporting & Facilitating the Spirit of PI 34.
  • Register for the applicable Mentor Trainings (based on your intended completion year) online. Please note: enrollment in the Certificate does not automatically register you for the required courses. You must register for each workshop or course individually online.
  • Register for Analyzing Student Work Mentor Forums. Information provided at the Using Data to Guide Instruction workshop.
  • All registrations must be submitted two weeks prior to the course/workshop. On-site registration is not available.
  • At each course or training workshop, participants will receive a form to apply for the graduate credit (required for the Certificate) at the reduced fee of approximately $160/credit.