Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing & Health Sciences

The Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing & Health Sciences offers the full range of programs supported by high-quality faculty and successful student outcomes.

Learn from Leaders in Nursing and Health Sciences

The fields of nursing and health sciences include high-touch careers. At Stritch, we believe your education should be high touch as well. That's why we take a highly personal approach to teaching. We also have more than a decade of providing innovative, distinctive nursing programs, and over 1,000 of our graduates are currently providing high-quality care to their patients.

In the Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing & Health Sciences, you'll find flexible scheduling and lots of one-on-one instruction. We offer a comfortable, supportive environment and holistic academic programs, and provide clinical experiences with top community health care agencies and hospitals in the Milwaukee area.

Complete Your Bachelor's in Respiratory Therapy

We are offering courses for the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy Completion. This program is the first of its kind in the State of Wisconsin and was built with working respiratory therapists in mind. Contact our your admissions counselor to find out how to become more competitive in the job market and aspire to leadership and education positions.

Degree Programs