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Cardinal Stritch University is a leader in providing cutting-edge degree programs since 1937. Today, learners from all backgrounds need flexible ways to earn a degree. At Stritch, we help students achieve personal and career goals by offering the following programs online:



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Frequently Asked Questions

How is online learning different from traditional classroom learning?

Instead of the traditional lecture format used in face-to-face format courses, online courses are presented electronically. You will participate in written discussions, real-time chats, multimedia presentations, and group assignments. Most of the work in online courses is done at your own pace each week which allows you to complete the assignments independently within the given timeframe.

How are classes taught online?

Each course will run for a specific number of weeks, based on the number of credits for the course. Coursework to be completed is posted within a service called Canvas. Take a peek at the system through our guide, “Getting Started as a Student.”  

What are the advantages of an online program?

Flexibility is the main advantage of the online program, however, another advantage is academic parity. Students are judged on the quality of their academic work, not on their social skills, aggressiveness in discussions, or personal charisma.

Can I take these classes if I live outside of Wisconsin?

If you are not a resident of Wisconsin, see which programs are offered in your state

Who teaches the courses?

All course are taught by full time faculty or highly-qualified adjunct professors.

What technology will I need?

In order to succeed in our online degree programs, you will need consistent access to a desktop/laptop device with internet access. As long as you have basic computer skills such as navigating the Internet, using word processing packages, and sending and receiving emails, you will develop more advanced skills throughout the program.

How much time should I set aside for each course?

Online courses have similar requirements as face-to-face courses. Typically, you will spend eight to 12 hours per week on online courses.

Will I have access to the Cardinal Stritch University library?

Yes. You will receive a Stritch ID, which allows you access to library books, periodicals, research databases, and all other student services, including career services.

Federal and state regulations require that all institutions of higher education comply with existing state laws concerning the delivery of online education to residents of different states.  If you are not a resident of Wisconsin, see which programs are offered in your state