Summer Courses

Have a fun summer while studying from the comfort of your home!

2015 Online Summer Courses at Stritch

By earning online undergraduate credits during summer, you can learn while having a rewarding summer break! Not to mention, you’ll be ahead, and have fewer classes to complete when fall begins.

Here are the online courses open right now for registration:

   Art 141: Art History Survey
   BL120: Concepts of Biology
   CA 108: Intro to Interpersonal Communication
   EN 102: Research Writing
   REL 104: World Religions
   SPN 102: Elementary Spanish
   HS 202: Modern Civilization
   THR 205: Intro to Theater

How long?

Each class is eight weeks, running from June 1st or August 1st.

How much?

The cost is a $325 flat fee, in addition to $500 per credit for each course.

Get Started!

Speak with your academic advisor to sign up before classes fill.