Southeastern Wisconsin Educator Project (SWEP)

Southeastern Wisconsin Educator Project (SWEP) is a collaborative network among local school districts and the College of Education and Leadership.


Our Vision

Students' needs are met by effective and confident teachers who grow professionally through a collaborative network of induction. This network will transform and sustain the quality of leadership and education one person at a time.

Our Purpose

The Southeastern Wisconsin Educator Project works to meet district needs to build capacity to strengthen and support educator’s professional practices in order to increase student achievement and teacher efficacy.

What does it mean to be part of the Southeastern Wisconsin Educator Project (SWEP) consortium?

It means you have joined with others to pool resources for achieving a common goal: to build capacity to strengthen and support educator’s professional practices in order to increase student achievement and teacher efficacy. It means that together you can be more, and do more, than any one member can achieve alone. The SWEP Consortium exists to serve teachers, their mentors, and administrators to improve practice that leads to increased student achievement.

As a member of SWEP, our consortium participants benefit from:

  • The cost savings and access to New Teacher Center professional development, tools, and resources.

  • The connection to Cardinal Stritch University’s College of Education and Leadership faculty and expertise.

  • The opportunity to collaborate and share best practices for teacher induction with other member school districts.


Contact Information

For more information, please contact

Cardinal Stritch University 
6801 N Yates Rd., #97
Milwaukee, WI 53217


Support for Experienced Teachers, Mentors & Administrators

ED 690: Understanding, Supporting and Facilitating the Spirit of PI 34

This is a requirement for the Mentoring/Coaching Certificate

Gain an in-depth understanding of the law and the PDP in order to be a resource in your school/district. Participants will unpack the teacher and administrator standards, write a PDP, and learn how to help initial educators and others in writing a PDP. This course is intended for Administrators, experienced teachers, mentors and those who are enrolled in the Mentoring/Coaching Certificate program. Three credits are available, (completing the three credit option is required for the Mentoring/Coaching Certificate). Classes are held at Cardinal Stritch University. Room information will be provided after registration.

More information about the credit option is provided on the first class.

Support for Initial Educators & Beyond

EDU 584: Writing the Professional Development Plan

EDUC 584 meets for nine hours of face-to-face class time and requires additional work on a PDP writing website. Students create a PDP which is ready for approval, and learn the processes for implementation and verification.

Cost for Workshop: $150. Additional $160 fee if taken for one graduate credit.

Dates: Each session meets for 6 hours on a Saturday and three hours on a weeknight.

More information about the credit option is provided at the first class.

Additional PI 34 / PDP Information

The SWEP Consortium Inter-District PDP Reviewer Database.

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