MA Urban Special Education

The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Urban Special Education program is designed for students seeking to be certified in Cross Categorical Special Education at the middle and high school level and desire to teach in diverse settings and urban environments. 

Apply Now to this ProgramThe Master of Arts in Urban Special Education is designed for students who want to obtain a Cross Categorical Special Education (#801) license.  Certification may be earned at either the Middle Childhood to Early Adolescence (1-8th grade) or Early Adolescence to Adolescent level (6-12th grade).  This is a post-baccalaureate program for individuals who desire to work with learners in special education programs in high need schools.  It has an urban focus that aims to prepare teachers to teach in culturally and linguistically diverse settings.  

Our program serves students recruited by Teach for America who work towards licensure while they serve as teachers of record within Milwaukee area schools.  We also accept students who are not affiliated with Teach for America, who might be interested in teaching in urban schools and want to earn a teaching license in the area of cross categorical special education at the middle or high school level.  Students who are not affiliated with Teach for America, can either obtain their own employment within a special education classroom while attending our program, or, if necessary, we can place them in urban special education environments as they work to meet the requirements of the program. 

Unique to our program is the assignment of a mentor to each teacher candidate throughout the duration of the program.  The mentor supports each teacher candidate within their classroom on a weekly basis and helps them navigate their role as a special education teacher as well as apply the content they are learning in their university courses. 

Students in this program will earn their certification in two years.  They have the option to take 6 credits and earn their Master’s degree as well as their certification or they can choose certification only.