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Sustaining the Mission

Sustaining the Mission is the official program for religious education certification for educators in Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. It provides systematic teachings in Catholic faith traditions and core theology to help Catholic school educators competently and confidently advance the mission of Catholic education. The program goal is to help all participants develop a heartfelt and informed faith that is connected to their lives and teaching

Participants engage in core curriculum classes in three curricular strands (Scripture; Systematic Theology; Prayer, Spirituality & Sacrament), and in extended learning sessions to explore timely applications and areas of interest related to the core classes.

The curriculum for Sustaining the Mission is divided into three levels.

  • Level One is for participants who have no religious education certification and are working to attain Basic certification. The Level One curriculum for STM takes three years to complete. ·
  • Level Two is for participants who have Basic religious education certification and are working to attain Advanced certification. The Level Two curriculum for STM takes six years to complete. ·
  • Level Three is for participants who have completed the Level Two curriculum and who have Advanced certification. Educators in this level work in coordination with their principals to arrange for ongoing theological education and faith formation on a local or independent basis.

If you miss a session, ask your principal about make-up opportunities.


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Faith Formation Team Training

The faith life of faculty and staff is an essential support for the mission and ministry of any Catholic school – and it needs the attention and energy of a team of dedicated people if it is going to thrive. The Faith Formation Team Training (FFTT) program is an annual program designed to prepare teams to strengthen community and enhance the culture within their Catholic School. Participants develop an intentional, systematic plan to animate the mission and identity of their school, through a focus on supporting the spiritual growth of faculty and staff.

The FFTT program is intended to complement and complete the Sustaining the Mission (STM) program. STM supports the individual faith formation of educators, with an emphasis on Catholic theology. FFTT takes the next step to help local faith formation teams support the shared spiritual life and Catholic identity of their schools.

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For more information contact:

Gaby G. Cabrera Sandoval

Associate Director of St. Clare Center

Rich P. Harter

Director of the Saint Clare Center|Adjunct Faculty - College of Arts and Sciences

St Clare Center|Humanities

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