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Saint Clare Center

Lay Ministry Institute

What would our parishes be like if each one had a growing group of both staff and parishioners who were intentional about learning and working together to help our parishes be more engaging and vibrant?

The Lay Ministry Institute can help make that happen.

The Lay Ministry Institute offers non-degree, continuing education courses for adult Catholics. These courses help students to understand scripture and church tradition more fully, to embrace their faith more deeply, and to participate in service, ministry, and mission more actively. The courses are meaningful and practical, and the program is affordable.

faith formation

There are two main tracks within the Lay Ministry Institute. Courses in both tracks may be taken individually, or as part of a four-semester program leading to a certificate.

Foundations for Ministry courses are offered on Saturdays (in both English and Spanish). They provide a general overview of theology, scripture, and spirituality. These courses are perfect for catechists or other parish volunteers who want to learn more about their faith in a more systematic way. They are also a good starting point for parish staff members who do not have formal theological training and who need a basic foundation to support their ministry.

Catechetical Ministry courses are offered on Thursdays. They focus on the theory and methods of catechesis and on leadership of faith formation programs. This track is intended specifically for DREs, youth ministers, and other faith formation staff members, providing participants with a clearer vision and with practical tools that can be used in their ministry.

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Taylor Baar

Certificate in Catechetical Ministry

The program helped me understand the more academic or intellectual side of things, and not just the experiential. I now have a foundation to explain what we do, and why we do them.

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