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The Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership

The Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership strives to represent and replicate the University’s Franciscan values through the development and delivery of innovative leadership programs designed for the benefit of public safety professionals who seek to serve their organizations with honor, and their communities with respect, caring and compassion.

Our mission

The mission of The Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership will be pursued though the following initiatives:

  • Research, evaluate, and help form best practices and innovative leadership strategies for public safety organizations.
  • Provide leadership training opportunities and professional development programs in the form of seminars, conferences, and certificate programs.
  • Serve as a point of resource for scholars, students, public safety professionals, and government policymakers.
  • Develop and deliver comprehensive leadership training programs designed to address contemporary leadership needs of public safety organizations.
  • Assist leaders with moving beyond the academic study of leadership theories to the practical application of organizational leadership concepts.

City of Racine Chief of Police lecture

Our research

The Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership will pursue research and developmental programs based on the following academic principles:

  • All program initiatives will be grounded on proven scientific theories of leadership and behavioral science.
  • Research shall be evidence-based with a primary focus on leadership influence resulting in positive organizational outcomes.
  • Emphasis will be on creating innovation in public safety leadership to help develop excellent leaders and excellently led organizations.
Vision 2029 Logo

The next decade and beyond

The Profession of American Law Enforcement is about to enter a new era. The past ten years have challenged the law enforcement profession like no other period in the history of our country. In the past decade we have seen nothing less than a societal examination of the role and purpose of our most visible public service agents and, in many cases, a rejection of the traditional role and approach that law enforcement has taken within our communities.

The purpose of Vision 2029 is to set new standards for policing leadership that can be achieved within the next decade, and to develop new and innovative approaches to collectively address current and future issues within the profession.

Six transformational leadership goals for Vision 2029

The foundation of Vision 2029 is built upon six leadership goals for transforming policing and police organizations.

  1. Building Next Generation Strategies for Recruitment and Retention
  2. Supporting Ethical Leadership Development and Succession Planning
  3. Creating Values-based Organizational Cultures of Excellence
  4. Re-defining Policing Effectiveness and Establishing New Standards of Accountability
  5. Establishing and Maintaining multiple strategies for successful media engagement
  6. Fostering Mutually Beneficial Police-Community Relationships