College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences offers more than 30 fields of study and both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Visual Arts

At Stritch, the faculty in the Visual Arts Department are working artists, designers, photographers and educators who help guide and prepare students for a variety of careers in the visual arts and design profession.

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Why Arts & Sciences?

Liberal arts courses provide the foundation for developing an appreciation for humankind's achievements and the thinking and communication skills necessary for a full and successful life.

Although the major academic programs vary from one another in content and direction, they are all grounded in the same core values and disciplines of the liberal arts.

Our diverse student body and small student-to-faculty ratio make learning a rich and satisfying experience.

Classes are taught by well-qualified professors rather than teaching assistants. Individualized academic advising, at the department and general level, helps provide a framework on which to build a personal education plan.

Departments & Programs