Field Experiences, Clinical Student Teaching and Practicum Placements

The Office of Field Experience works with candidates throughout their teacher education programs to secure placements for field experiences. The Office strives to build solid relationships with area districts and schools to provide the most effective field experiences for all candidates.

An understanding of what to expect during practicum experiences in Administrator preparation programs is provided to candidates on Canvas, the Learning Management System at Cardinal Stritch University. Candidates are strongly encouraged to review detailed information on practicums to prepare for experiences throughout the program. Canvas will be available to candidates upon enrollment.

Mentors of candidates entering the profession play a vital role in effective teacher and administrator preparation. Stritch appreciates the time, energy, and expertise that Site-based Supervisors and Cooperating Teachers provide. 

Site-based Supervisor Resources

Cooperating Teacher Resources

*All Pathway evaluations should be completed on LiveText. No paper evaluations will be accepted.
University Supervisors/Mentors provide support and guidance to teacher and administrative program candidates as they journey through field experiences and practica in their preparation programs.

The University Supervisor/Mentor, in conjunction with the Cooperating Teacher or Site-based Supervisor, creates a working relationship based on mutual respect and understanding for each other's expertise, perspectives, and roles.

University Supervisor of Administrative Program candidate Resources

University Supervisor of Field Experience and Student Teacher Resources

*All Pathway evaluations should be completed on LiveText. No paper evaluations will be accepted.

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