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College of Graduate Studies

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Leaders transforming communities

Students who enroll in the College of Graduate Studies are committed to advancing their careers, expanding their professional networks and becoming leaders who are catalysts for the transformation of individuals, organizations and communities.

Cross-cultural and critical thinking skills that are necessary in a global, diverse and ever-changing world are hallmarks of the curriculum in each program. Our master’s and doctoral programs focus on both theory and application, preparing Stritch graduates to become reflective practitioners and to succeed in the communities where they live, work, serve and lead.

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graduate students

Graduate Core

The Graduate Core is an interdisciplinary approach to ensure a successful graduate school experience while also transitioning graduate students into the core values of Cardinal Stritch University and program/career specific outcomes. No matter what sector of society you serve as a leader, Stritch’s graduate core will enhance your capacity as a system thinker, values driven leader and successful researcher.

Professional and continuing education

Not seeing a degree? Being a lifelong learner impacts your earning potential, happiness and social life. Professional and continuing education opportunities from Cardinal Stritch University allow you to gain new skills, enhance existing ones and overall raise your effectiveness in the workplace.

Typically non-credit bearing, these programs range from online micro courses to multi-day workshops. Taught by Stritch faculty, staff or adjunct instructors who are leaders in their field, Stritch ensures relevant, engaged learning in every program we offer.

Professional and Continuing Education Opportunities

June 08, 2022

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32nd Annual Freedom Fund Event

September 23, 2022

Kliebhan Conference Center on Stritch Campus

5:00 PM