Professional Development for Educators and Leaders

The College of Education and Leadership (COEL) at Cardinal Stritch University will provide Professional Development opportunities for organizations throughout Wisconsin. Districts can access a variety of professional development courses based on their individual district needs. The Principals’ Center offers learning opportunities for school district leaders through six breakfast conversations throughout the year.


The College of Education and Leadership offers micro-credentials to support professional development for area organizations and individuals.  If you are interested in learning more about micro-credentials, fill out the form below, or you may send an email to, or call Pang Xiong at 414-410-4374.

Workshops and Micro-Credentials

Individuals and organizations can access professional development based upon their learning needs in two ways:

1. By participating in one of our scheduled micro-credential offerings for Winter/Spring 2020

2. By collaborating with us to create and implement a customized micro-credential learning experience for your organization


What are Micro-Credentials?

Micro-credentials are digital representations of educational achievements that identify the specific competencies attained, and how the mastery of the competencies or skill acquisition was achieved. In order to earn a micro-credential, there is an expectation that educators will apply content knowledge within their classrooms or educational context and submit artifacts as evidence of application of content knowledge to demonstrate mastery of specific knowledge and skills.

Click Here for Micro-Credential Descriptions

  • Creating Digital Materials Accessible for All Learners
  • Building Cultural Competency for Creating an Inclusive Community
  • Mindfulness Practices for the Classroom
  • Trauma-Informed Teaching Practices
  • Maximizing the Capacity of Google Classroom
  • Flipping your Classroom
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Educators 1: Building and Supporting a Trusting Relationship
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Educators 2: Mentoring Teachers through the Coaching Cycle

Cost per Micro-Credential:  $165



Directions for How to Apply

Be sure to indicate the number and abbreviated title of the specific micro-credential for which you are registering.
Registration is open now.

Enroll Today!  Micro-credential content will be available as of January 27, 2020.  Your micro-credential facilitator will inform you of the specific time frame or dates connected to the micro-credential in which you enroll.

Additionally, we have developed a micro-credential opportunity to accompany The Principals’ Center workshop series: Resiliency.  


These opportunities are open to interested educators from any organization.  Please see the Principal Center web page or the Coaching and Mentoring for Educators page for more details.