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Reading Teacher Licensure

The Reading Teacher licensure program prepares teachers with the knowledge and strategies to better understand how to serve pupils in their own classrooms, or to help working teachers to move into other professional roles with their schools or districts. The content of the coursework in this program is immediately applicable to the learners in teachers' current classrooms, and prepares teachers for eligibility for Wisconsin DPI Licensure - 1316 Reading Teacher.

Program Overview

The Reading Teacher Program is a 20-credit graduate level program that leads to the 1316 Reading Teacher (K-12) License. The coursework in this program is intended to prepare teachers to provide focused and intensive reading instruction for children, especially those who are striving toward literacy development in grades PK-12. The Reading Teacher program provides an in-depth study of research and practice in literacy with other PK-12 teachers across the area. The coursework and sequence are designed for working teachers. The license provides candidates with the knowledge to better serve pupils in their own classrooms, or to move to other literacy positions within a school or district. The content learned in the Reading Teacher Program is directly applicable to teacher's current classrooms.

All credits earned upon completion of the 1316 Reading Teacher Licensure coursework can be directly applied toward the Master of Arts in Literacy degree, for those interested in continuing toward the 5017 Reading Specialist Licensure. 10 additional credits are required for the Master of Arts in Literacy degree, which includes eligibility for the 5017 Reading Specialist License.

Program Coursework

The specific degree requirements on the website are for illustrative purposes and may change at any time. Please contact the Registrar's Office, Academic Advising or refer to the course catalog for detailed program requirements.

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Masters in Literacy

Hyflex Learning

Hyflex Learning

Stay active and engaged in the comfort of your own home through our unique Hyflex model. 

Students will be logged in to live classes where they will be highly engaged with their classmates and professors as they would be in person. 

Unique to Stritch

3 in 1 Opportunity 

Students at Stritch have the opportunity to complete the following at once...

Reading Teacher Licensure Requirements

  • 2 years of teaching experience by end of program. 

More about the program:

  • 20 credits (4 classes and practicum course)
    • Our practicum course allows candidates to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the program to support a striving young reader.
    • Candidates are mentored through the practicum by a master literacy instructor who supports their work with a striving young reader.
  • Hyflex option available.
  • Can be completed in as little as 13 months.

Reading Teacher Licensure + Reading Specialist License + Master's Degree

  • 30 credits
    • 20 credits for the Reading Teacher license alone; an additional 10 credits to earn the master's degree and Reading Specialist License.

These licenses benefit teachers with the knowledge on how to serve readers at all levels, as well as serving school colleagues as a literacy leader. 

Reading Specialist candidates complete a master's degree program, which includes the Reading Teacher and the Reading Specialist licenses. 

More about the program: 

The Reading Specialist is an administrator license in Wisconsin. Candidates already holding the Reading Teacher license and a qualifying master's degree may complete the Reading Specialist program in as little as two courses. 

Kellner Family Literacy Centers

Stritch graduates are highly sought after because of the history and legacy of our Literacy Programs. 

The practicum experience is in the Kellner Family Literacy Centers on campus. This experience allows students to be mentored by master's professors and to develop strategies to help struggling readers strive in and out of the classroom. 

To learn more about the Kellner Family Literacy Center at Stritch, click here

Please contact the program's admissions representative or faculty member for additional information:

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Reading Teacher Licensure