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Our interdisciplinary approach to inquiry-based learning begins with Freshman Seminar and continues until graduation. From the moment you begin your Stritch experience, you’ll be expected to develop as a critical and creative thinker, an effective communicator, an inquisitive learner and someone who understands and respects the responsibilities of community. Explore the many majors and minors available to undergraduates, or learn how to imagine your own major or minor by exploring concentrations.

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number one salary

Stritch alumni are top earners

Cardinal Stritch University ranked #1 best salary in Wisconsin! recently published its evaluation of colleges based on BS & BA alumni earnings where Stritch earned the top spot. This ranking demonstrates the value of a bachelor's degree from Stritch. GradReports' unique focus is on the objective, proven salary outcomes of real graduates rather than on college rankings that focus on reputation, prestige and other subjective factors. A link to the GradReports article - Pay over Prestige - that describes the methodology used is available below.