Aid for Continuing Students

Applying for financial aid as a current Stritch student.

1. Locate or Create an FSA ID

The FSA ID, which consists of a user-created username and password, replaced the PIN in 2015, but you’ll have an opportunity to link your current Federal Student Aid PIN to your FSA ID.  

Creating an FSA ID is simple and only takes a few minutes. Get help creating your FSA ID. This allows you to electronically access personal information on Federal Student Aid Web sites as well as electronically sign a FAFSA. Parents of dependents will also need an ID. Here are a few tips to determine if you are a dependent or independent student

2. Complete a FAFSA Renewal Form

You can complete a FAFSA or check on the status of a completed FAFSA at You can use your FSA ID to sign your FAFSA form. You will be asked to indicate the school code of the college or university that you will be attending. The Cardinal Stritch University school code is 003837

3. Complete All Requested Documentation

After you have completed the FAFSA, the federal government will send you and the Financial Aid Office a copy of the processed application, called a Student Aid Report (SAR). From this report, we will be able to determine if additional documentation is required to complete your financial aid application. 

We will assist by sending reminders of what is still needed to complete the financial aid process. You can also use Online Aid Services to find out what has been received and what is still needed. Remember to choose the correct year after logging in to the system.