Non-Degree Seeking Students

Enroll for credit and/or audit courses without seeking a degree.

We are still accepting admission applications for students interested in taking an undergraduate or graduate course! 

Admissions Requirements

  • Undergraduate: Complete an application form prior to each semester of enrollment, submit a copy of high school transcripts, and return the completed high school release form signed by the principal or guidance counselor. Students who have a high school diploma or GED are not required to submit additional documentation.
  • Graduate: All non-degree seeking students are required to complete an application form prior to each semester of enrollment. 

Academic Policies

Students admitted to Stritch as non-degree seeking students are not admitted to a degree or certification program and are not assigned an advisor. Transfer to another status will necessitate the completion of a formal application for admission, submission of transcripts, and acceptance into the desired program.

Courses taken as a non-degree seeking student will not necessarily count toward a degree. After formal acceptance into a program, such courses will be evaluated by the chairperson of the department concerned. The courses do, however, carry credit (if taken for credit) whether or not they are acceptable as part of a degree program.

Application and Course Availability

Students are asked to submit an online application prior to enrolling as a non-degree seeking student. Prospective applicants are encouraged to check the availability of desired courses before completing the application. Review the course schedule.


Non-degree seeking students are required to meet all prerequisites. Students should refer to the catalog or semester course schedule to determine if there are prerequisites for the course(s) in which they intend to enroll. 

Credit and Audit Guidelines

Non-degree seeking students may not register for more than 9 credits in a term. This includes any combination of audit and credit courses. Students may not change from audit to credit status during the semester. Tuition for auditing a course is 50% of the current per-credit tuition.

Non-degree Seeking Student Status

  • Personal or professional enrichment students may continue as a non-degree seeking student indefinitely without applying for formal admission to a degree program.
  • Potential degree-seeking students are limited to a total of two (2) semesters in this category. If the student wants to continue taking courses at Stritch, he/she will need to complete an application for admission and submit the necessary documents for admission.
  • Students seeking credit to transfer are those who are taking courses at Stritch which they will apply toward a degree from another institution of post-secondary education.

A Note About Financial Aid

Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for federal, state, or institutional financial aid. Students seeking credit to transfer may be eligible for assistance from the other institution they are attending. They should inquire with that institution's financial aid office.