Non-Traditional and Adult Undergraduate Students

A pioneer in adult education, Stritch provides a high-quality, practical education.

Find Your Passion and Live Your Mission

At this moment, you are driven by specific goals for continuing your education. You have spent significant time researching your options while searching for schools with the best reputation and proven outcomes. Whether you seek personal enrichment, career advancement, or a path to preparing for a career change, at Stritch we will offer you something greater than a graduate degree. Our faculty and graduate programs will challenge you to identify and live out your life’s mission.

Learn More About Your Degree Program

We will guide you from the first day and help you translate your immediate goals into success as a student and future graduate. Focusing on why you are here, and connecting to a greater purpose, will help you seek opportunities and create meaningful connections that will continue to add value in your life far beyond the walls of the classroom. 



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