Licensure and Certificates

Licensure and certificate programs can enable individuals to gain relevant, in-demand knowledge and skill-sets for their careers without, in many cases, needing to matriculate into full-scale bachelor’s or master’s programs.

They are especially convenient for those unwilling or unable to invest in years of additional study. Certificate programs are often short—12 months or less—and can be taken while you’re already engaged in a career. Licensures are typically supplements to programs already undertaken—and are in some cases necessary for practicing in a given field. Some master’s degrees fulfill a particular licensure requirement.

You may be surprised to find that your career goals can be furthered by earning a license or certificate at Stritch. Many careers require certificates as opposed to bachelor’s or master’s degrees, especially for positions that are in demand. Faculty are often practitioners in their field who transmit relevant knowledge and skills demanded by industries, government, non-profits, and other sectors.

Cardinal Stritch University offers a variety of licensure and certificate programs you can explore right now.

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