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Doctoral programs at Cardinal Stritch University offer theoretical foundations and practical applications and prepare you to achieve in the communities where you live, work and lead.

Programs at Stritch include:

The Difference Between the Ed.D. and Ph.D.

While graduates of both degree programs will be prepared to lead and make the world a better place, the Ph.D. is more research-oriented than the Ed.D.

The Ph.D. course of study is more focused on research skill courses (sometimes called “methods”) than the Ed.D. If your future employment will involve planning, conducting, and interpreting research, then you should consider the Ph.D. While the Ph.D. requires students to acquire a deeper, more specific understanding of the various components of research, both degrees will focus on implementation of research.

The Ed.D. is designed as a practitioner’s degree and features courses that more particularly assist individuals in improving practices in their respective fields and within their communities.

Some basic differences:


  • Development of specialized practitioner skills.
  • Application of other foundations and techniques to the field.
  • Applied research which primarily addresses practitioner problems or questions.


  • Theoretical foundations of the field.
  • Application of other foundational or related disciplines.
  • Research that emphasizes theory building, statistics, and research design.


The Stritch Alumni Network Helps You Get Connected

Stritch is a university that helps you find your mission, develop new skills, gain relevant career experience, and expand your professional contacts. With a network of more than 38,000 graduates, our alumni are successful in their roles at nonprofits, schools, small companies, health care organizations, corporations, and entrepreneurial ventures.