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Stritch makes a private education affordable through scholarships

Most people don't know that:

  • Scholarships from Stritch can result in tuition less than many Wisconsin state schools
  • Stritch's scholarship awards make us the least expensive private school in the state
Grad student

Scholarships for graduate students

Grad students don't have access to the wide array of funding options that undergraduates do. But there are still great scholarship options for graduate students at Stritch.

Graduate Students

Donor funded scholarships

Please contact the University Advancement for information about starting a scholarship in your name or in the name of a loved one

Donor funded scholarships include:

Endowed scholarships remain active in perpetuity — along with the name attached to the scholarship fund. The principal is invested and a scholarship amount, calculated based on investment earnings, is awarded each year. New endowed scholarships require a minimum gift commitment of $50,000, payable over five years if necessary.

Annual scholarships are expendable, unless noted. Expendable scholarships are established with a minimum gift commitment of $5,000 per year for five years. The scholarship expires at the end of five years unless the donor wishes to renew.