The headlines and hype of election-year politics stir the emotions of voters of every stripe, with statistics, commercials and robocalls all designed to influence people to side with one candidate or the other. The process is exhausting and endless, but essential. Not wanting to add to the tireless messaging, campaign slogans and accusations that rattle the airwaves during this critical process, Stritch Magazine instead chose to take a more benign approach to election coverage, seeking to shed light on such questions as:


  • What factors weigh into a voter’s choice?

  • What compels candidates to run for public office?

  • What does an election commissioner do?

  • What is Stritch doing to help students learn about the political process, both locally and nationally?


While history is made nationwide with consequences that will be felt worldwide, the microcosm of the Stritch community is engaging in its own efforts, dialogues and education to encourage active citizenship rooted in values, ethics, peace and all good. The pieces featured in this collection of election-year stories attempt to offer readers a peek into the ways alumni, faculty, students and staff are getting informed, getting involved and getting results.



Do you have a story or comment to share during this pivotal election year? We’d love to hear about your run for political office, the work you did on a campaign, the issues that inspire or rankle you, suggestions for ways Stritch can encourage students to participate in the electoral process, or your reactions to any of our stories here. Contact us at