Series of recorded lectures gives in-the-room access for lifelong learning




Take a little time and make a virtual return to the classroom of some favorite Stritch professors who shared their expertise with on-campus colleagues in spring as part of a day of workshops devoted to international understanding and cross-cultural education.


The series of lectures supported the University’s efforts to prepare for increased enrollments of students from around the world, particularly from China, India and Saudi Arabia where the University is creating new connections. Sessions focused on ways Stritch’s welcoming community can grow in understanding of cultural variances, contexts and expectations.



“Faculty and staff roles in promoting international students’ cultural transition” led by Dr. Mette Baran, an associate professor in Stritch’s doctoral program in educational leadership (48 minutes) This session covers best practices pertaining to the role of university faculty and staff in assisting international students in their transition to American life and culture.

“Chinese international students in American Universities: what to expect” led by Anna Marie Carlson (50 minutes) Topics ranging from Chinese family life, school, work, religion, philosophy, history, traditions, the media and more are discussed regarding how they affect Chinese students' performance in American universities.

“A personal view of China” led by Dr. Creig Kronstedt, assistant professor in the College of Business and Management (17 minutes) Kronstedt shares his understanding of Chinese culture, having lived there intermittently during the past 10 years. He has lived both in Shenyang and the country.

“Teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling: Chinese for Beginners” led by Christian Mothershead (55 minutes) Participants will learn how to read and talk about a short simple Chinese language book with Mr. Christian Mothershead, Chinese language teacher at the Milwaukee Academy of Chinese Language.

“Being Muslim in America” led by Dr. Randa Suleiman, ’10, assistant professor of graduate education, with a student panel (47 minutes) The discussion focuses on Muslim beliefs and practices as well as information about cultural influences that may affect the Saudi and other international students as they adapt to life in the U.S.

“The Psychology of Culture” led by Dr. Trevor Hyde, chair of Stritch’s clinical psychology program (57 minutes) This session provides an overview of how culture affects thoughts, values and behavior. Specific topics include individualism/collectivism, power distance, uncertainty tolerance, communication context, proxemics, and time consciousness.

“Say what?! Connecting with Non-Native English Learners at Stritch” led by Dr. Debra Solomon (47 minutes) This session examines the theory and practice of English Language Learning instruction in the university setting.

“Concluding thoughts on international readiness” led by Chris Nou Her Xiong, founder, executive director and principal of the Hmong American Peace Academy (26 minutes)