Presidential Candidate Bob Dole chooses Stritch as host

In July 1996, presidential candidate Senator Bob Dole, a delegation of dignitaries, and 40 media representatives descended upon then-named Cardinal Stritch College for a campaign stop with a special focus on his education platform. From a stage set up in Stritch’s fieldhouse and standing before a backdrop of oversized books, Dole delivered a 45-minute speech outlining his proposed federally-funded grant program which would fund scholarships for low-income students to attend religious and nonsectarian private schools.


Sister Mary Lea Schneider, OSF, Ph.D., president of Stritch at that time, welcomed Dole and other key politicians, including former Secretary of Education William Bennett, former Tennessee Governor and current Senator Lamar Alexander, former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, State Senator Alberta Darling, and retired State Secretary William Klauser.


“With the knowledge that Stritch is a nonpartisan institution which doesn’t endorse any specific candidate or political platform and encourages the free exchange of ideas necessary to support the understanding of key political issues, we accepted Dole on our campus,” Sister Mary Lea said. “It was an ideal opportunity for our students to learn more about a key candidate.”

Sister Mary Lea Schneider, OSF, Ph.D., Stritch president; presidential candidate Senator  Bob Dole; retired State Secretary of Administration James Klauser; Klauser’s son; State Senator Alberta Darling; Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson