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Information for Students

Schedule of Evaluations

Students can expect their students to receive online course evaluations for their courses according to the following schedule:

  • Traditional Courses: Online course evaluations will be available 12 days before the last day of class and will close two days after the last day of class.
  • Graduate/Doctoral and all Non-Term Courses: Online course evaluations will be available one week before the last day of class and will close two days after the last day of class.

Accessing Evaluations

There are two ways in which students can access online course evaluations:

  • Students will receive a personalized email at their Stritch email address for each course that they are enrolled in containing a link to the evaluation for that course when the survey window begins (see the schedule for evaluations above).
  • Additionally, students can log in to My Stritch to view all online course evaluations available to them. During the time that an evaluation window is active, a pop-up message will appear upon logging in to My Stritch with a link to the evaluation(s) currently available.

Questions on Evaluations

Each course evaluation contains seven university questions, college questions (from the college in which the course is offered) and faculty can add up to 10 questions to each of their evaluations.

7 University Questions
(scale of Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, Not Applicable)

  1. The instructor helped to provide an atmosphere that was conducive to learning.
  2. The instructor was available when I went to see him/her during regularly scheduled office hours or when I had an appointment with him/her.
  3. The instructor challenged me to think critically, analytically, and/or creatively.
  4. The instructor promoted/facilitated students' learning of course material.
  5. The instructor followed the policies established in the course syllabus.
  6. The instructor provided sufficient feedback on my performance.
  7. I have met all my responsibilities as a student in this class.

College of Arts and Sciences

No additional questions

College of Business Management

No additional questions

College of Education and Leadership

  1. Course outcomes were clearly communicated by the faculty and/or syllabus.
  2. Course readings, materials, activities, assignments (individuals/study team) facilitated attaining course outcomes.
  3. The feedback/assessment process was helpful in attaining course outcomes.
  4. Course outcomes enhanced my ability to facilitate K-12 student learning.
  5. Study team/groups facilitated achieving course outcomes.
  6. Based on your achievement of course outcomes, rate your professional and content knowledge growth. (5 = increased growth; 1 = no impact)

College of Nursing

  1. What was the most important thing you learned in this course?
  2. What one thing did you find confusing or the most difficult to do in this course?
  3. What one suggestion do you have to improve this course?
  4. If you used academic support during this course, how would you rate your experience? (Very Satisfied, Satisfied, Neutral, Dissatisfied, Very Dissatisfied, Not Applicable)

Courses with a Clinical Instructor

  1. Identifies student responsibilities necessary for participation in learning experience.
  2. Explains/clarifies content areas related to objectives or refer students to appropriate resources.
  3. Assists students in integrating concepts from related courses. Demonstrates comprehension of subject matter.
  4. Encourages use of decision-making process.
  5. Encourages discussion among group members.
  6. Provides feedback relative to student activities.
  7. Is generally available to students as a resource person.
  8. Demonstrates respect for individual student differences.
  9. Is fair in his/her expectations of student performance.

Courses with a Clinical Site

A variety of learning experiences to meet course objectives was available. Space was available for clinical conferences and/or student/faculty conferences. Agency reference material was accessible and current. The cafeteria was available for students and faculty. The clinical staff was receptive to faculty and students. I would recommend this agency as a clinical site.