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The Franciscan Tradition: Model for a Modern Planet - RS

RS528 - 3.00 Credits

Francis of Assisi was a person who learned how to heal the divisions of his world: divisions between economic and social groups in society, between competing religions, and between humans and the rest of creation. He encouraged the men and women who followed him to do the same. Drawing on his life and example and the movements that imitated him, this course will address how Francis healed those divisions and will consider the Franciscan tradition as a model for today in creating a healthy and peaceful planet.

20th Century Philosophy - PL

PL300 - 3.00 Credits

This is an investigation of the major movements in 20th century Western philosophy including Marxism, process thought, positivism, analytical and phenomenological philosophies. The course includes readings from the works of Marx, Bergson, Whitehead, Russell, Wittgenstein, Husserl and Heidegger.

2-D Digital Design - ART

ART101 - 3.00 Credits

This is an introduction to the fundamental concepts and skills of visual art and graphic communication in the digital realm. Emphasis is placed on the elements, principles and techniques of making art and designing two-dimensionally. Special considerations for creating art/design in Photoshop and Illustrator will be addressed, including specialized terminology, image creation, digital color, and printing. The course provides an introduction to developing creative strategies and workflow combined with an understanding of image and content establishing skills that strengthen the student's ability to make, evaluate and discuss works of art/design. Lab Fee Required.

3-D Concepts: Form, Space, Time - ART

ART131 - 3.00 Credits

Offering students an introductory experience in three-dimensional art, this course explores concepts in 3-D design and sculpture. Students will experiment with additive/subtractive, composite, and methods to create studio projects dealing with space, site, movement, time, form, and the human figure. Emphasis will be placed on developing a personal artistic vision and studio practice through writing and reading about art. Lab Fee Required.

A Systems Approach to Strategic Planning and Strategy Development - MBA

MBA530 - 3.00 Credits

The course will link the concepts of strategic planning and management to organizational leadership, and apply those concepts to the global marketing function and the supply chain. Strategic planning also is discussed as it relates to other valued operations of organizations. Critical elements will include definitions of value, stakeholder definition and integration, mission statement and organizational vision and values development. Additional work will surround sustainable tools for assessment and development of the internal and external environment. Strategy development, financial analysis and integration of strategic metrics will be assessed and developed. Finally, students will examine the dynamics of leadership and change management through strategic operations and choices.

Abstract Algebra - MT

MT425 - 3.00 Credits

This course is a study of sets, mappings, operations, relations, partitions, and basic algebraic structures, including groups, rings, integral domains, fields, and vector spaces. This is the second course in a two-semester sequence which introduces the student to algebraic structures; it builds on the introduction to vector spaces which is begun in the first course, MT 325 Linear Algebra. Prerequisite: MT 315 or MT 320, and MT 325.

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers - MGTL

MGTL520 - 3.00 Credits

In this course, students examine the language and concepts of accounting and finance so that, as non-financial managers, they can communicate more effectively with the fiscal personnel in an organization. Students study key accounting and financial principles in order to analyze and manage costs and profits. Budgets, as management planning and control tools, are also discussed.

Accounting I - Financial - AC

AC201 - 4.00 Credits

This is an introduction to basic accounting principles, double-entry accounting, preparation of balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flows for effective planning, controlling, and decision-making. Prerequisite: MT106, MT107 or higher math placement.

Accounting II - Managerial - AC

AC202 - 4.00 Credits

This course focuses on the study of accounting information provided to managers. Topics include cost behavior, job order costing, process costing, cost-volume-profit analysis, master budgets, standard costing, flexible budgets, relevant cost decisions, and activity-based costing. Prerequisite: AC 201.