Create Space MKE

Nick Schilz, '13, and Jeff Zimpel, '09, of Create Space MKE are having the second show of their Cardinal Stritch University artist residency.

Almost one year after the first exhibition, the newest effort is called “Chapter II - Issues & Icons.” There are powerful perspectives coursing through the paintings; people, places, and ideas that have inspired the project to create with grand vision in mind. They continue to explore the question: What Does Milwaukee Look Like? Recently, however, they are beginning to ask the question: What Could Milwaukee Look Like?

In addition to work from the studio, 2D-Digital Design Students from the Stritch art program will be displaying their insights into the future of the city, in the form of digital landscapes.

About Create Space MKE

Create Space MKE is an art collective with a social practice focus. It's a long-term, large-scale art project. It's an organization that represents an ideology and holds observation as its guiding principle. "What Does Milwaukee Look Like" is the driving question, organized through the "issues at hand." These issues (Space, Race, Entertainment, Transportation, Work, Gender, Education, and Leadership) are the strategic focal points that urge us towards the essential people, places, and ideas that are shaping the city in positive and powerful ways.

We aim to stimulate the creative community by mobilizing visual artists through open dialogue, exhibition, education, social organizing, and community engagement. From there, we are looking to connect with the other members of the Milwaukee creative community to share ideas, experiences, and vision.

Learn more about the artists and their latest installation: