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Amber S. Tucker

Faculty - Sociology


Social Sciences


(414) 410-4953


BH Bonaventure Hall 2081


Box 206


Amber's teaching includes undergraduate courses in sociological theory, research methods, racial and ethnic groups, social problems and introduction to sociology.  She has taught graduate level courses in college student development theory, and women in leadership. Amber also does consulting work for organizations in the area of diversity and inclusion, and engages her scholarship in the community in the form of invited speeches and presentations. Her research and scholarship involves college student identity development, adult learning and development, and higher education leadership.  


College Student Identity Development; Higher Education Leadership; Feminist Theory; Intersectionality; Critical Qualitative Research

Publications & Presentations

Inclusive teaching- supporting diverse learners in the classroom; Intersectionality in the Workplace; The Trauma of Intersectionality: Hidden Contexts of Trauma in the Lives of Black Women​

Why Stritch?

"I began my career as an adjunct teaching undergraduate-level courses at Stritch in the Sociology department. After serving as an adjunct for 4 years, During my time as an adjunct, I was able to witness the culture of community and compassion at Stritch. I loved the smaller classrooms because I was able to really get to know my students. I established very strong relationships with the students in my department, and when the opportunity arose to transition into a permanent role as Chair and Assistant Professor, I accepted without hesitation. Stritch feels like home to me, and after working at a large, public university with 30,000 students, I can say that Stritch feels more like a community than a university. "

- Amber S. Tucker