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Daryl A. Webb

Faculty - History


Social Sciences


(414) 410-4818


BH Bonaventure Hall 2077


Box 427


I grew up in South Dakota and got my Bachelor’s Degree from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota. After college, I worked in museums in South Dakota and Nebraska researching and designing exhibits. After my museum career, I returned to school doing my Ph.D. work at Marquette. I have been at Stritch since 2007 and teach classes on U.S. history including the Tumultuous 1960s and the U.S. in World War II. I create a lively and engaging classroom by having students simulate historic events, engage in debates over the meaning of the past, and analyze primary sources. These strategies help students make connections between events, identify broader historic themes, and develop a deep understanding of the past. These activities also help students develop critical thinking and communication skills.


  • B.S., Northern State University
  • M.A., Saint Cloud State University
  • Ph.D., Marquette University


My teaching and research interest are in 20th Century American history.  I am particularly fascinated by the Progressive Era, Great Depression, and the 1960s and how Americans faced the difficulties of these times.  I have published and presented on a wide range of topics including soldiers in World War I, the Anti-Vietnam War Movement, and the history of minor league baseball.

Publications & Presentations

  • “‘Milwaukee … Will Be Governed by the Social Democrats:’ The Mayor Emil Seidel Administration, 1910-1912,” Presented to the Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha, NE, 2020 
  • “‘To Lighten the Suffering of the People:’ Milwaukee Mayor Dan Hoan Confronts the Great Depression,” Presented to the Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha, NE, 2018 
  •  “The Baseball Blues: Minor League Baseball’s Struggle for Survival in Superior, Wisconsin, 1930-1942” Wisconsin Magazine of History (Summer 2018), 15-28. 
  • “‘Make Yourself a Nuisance:’ Student Culture and Politics in Great Depression Milwaukee” The Red Feather Journal (Spring 2017).
  • “‘Keep Pro Ball:’ The History of the Aberdeen Pheasants Baseball Team, 1946-1971” South Dakota History (Summer of 2016).
  • ‘“The Best War I Ever Expect to Have:’ Hall County [Nebraska] Doughboys’ Letters Home from World War” Nebraska History (Spring 2016).
  • “There is No Place in Our Institutions for Radicals: the Vietnam War on South Dakota Campuses, 1965-1973” South Dakota History (Spring 2014).

Why Stritch?

"I enjoy Stritch’s sense of community. It is a university where all are welcome and there is a place for everyone. I also love the small classes that allow me to get to know each student. This helps classes become conversations rather than stale lectures. Knowing each student also helps me to teach to their individual interest. I work hard to find readings and research projects that each student will find engaging. Stritch truly is a caring community."

- Daryl A. Webb