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If Undecided, please choose up to two areas of interest:
Stritch Seminar:
All new students at Stritch are required to enroll in a Stritch Seminar during their first semester. The Stritch Seminar focuses on helping new students succeed in college by gaining competence in critical academic skills, confidence in self and others, and an understanding of the Stritch culture through engagement with the community and reflection on the Franciscan tradition.:
Choose your Freshmen Stritch Seminar:
Have you taken, or will you be taking any AP or IB exams for courses that you are taking in high school?:

Have you or are you currently taking any college level courses?:

Have you taken at least 2 years of a single foreign language?:

If you have completed 2 or more years of French, German, or Spanish, you are required to take a Foreign Language placement exam during the afternoon of your Registration Day. This exam will help determine your placement in foreign language, or waive you out of the foreign language requirement. (NOT REQUIRED for Nursing, Criminal Justice, Marketing, or Elementary Education Students.):
The LDRS Learning Community:
The LDRS learning community is designed to provide students with the opportunity to build community, develop relationships, and become engaged in programs that will enhance their experience at Stritch. It is a FREE program offered to incoming freshmen who are living on-campus or commuting to campus.:
Are you interested in learning more about LDRS?:

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