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Faculty and staff are invited to make a difference on our campus during the first Stritch Beautification Day initiative. To participate, please fill out the form below.

If you require additional information, please contact sdc@stritch.edu.

MAY 29, 2019– 1 -4 p.m.

I am an employee of Cardinal Stritch University and by my signature below, I acknowledge and understand that my participation in Stritch Beautification Day activities may, by their nature, pose some risks.

The activities scheduled for Stritch Beautification Day include, but are not necessarily limited to, general outside grounds keeping tasks, such as picking up twigs and other debris, and inside tasks, such as washing windows, cleaning whiteboards and, in some cases, the lifting or moving of furniture in order to clean around or under it.

I acknowledge that my decision to participate in the Stritch Beautification Day requires me to understand the nature and the scope of the work in which I am physically able to engage without harm to myself or others, and that my decision not to participate in one or more activities does not constitute a lack of support for the day’s activities, but rather, a personal acknowledgment and understanding of the work I am safely able to perform.

My signature below confirms that I (a) have carefully read this Acknowledgement and Participation Form; (b) understand the potential and/or actual risks associated with one/more of the activities that may occur on the Stritch Beautification Day; and (c) will not participate in those activities that may bring harm to me or others.

**Every Cardinal Stritch University Employee electing to participate in the Stritch Beautification Day must sign this Acknowledgment and Participation Form.


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