Why Give

"I support Stritch because I wouldn't be living the life I have if it wasn't for Stritch" -K. Schactner, '69

Hear from students and alumni on why they call Stritch "home" and how donor support has made their Stritch experience possible!

Stephanie Coker, '14
Political Science and Music Major

“Stritch challenged me. The Franciscan values have truly changed my understanding of myself and my perception of others. I am inspired to use my gifts to surpass the status quo. Stritch provided the encouragement and resources I needed to excel at whatever I choose to do.”

Sarah Werner, '16

English: Writing Major 

“My dream is to have a career incorporating creative writing, film production, graphic design, and photography. Stritch will be the key to making that dream a reality. What I look forward to most is finding out who I am, and it’s great to know that the faculty and staff at Stritch truly care about me.”

Nate Friday, '14
Secondary Education and Social Studies major, Religious Studies minor

"Stritch supported me by challenging me at every turn to become a strong and well-rounded student and person, and constantly helps me to grow by providing great role models and resources no matter what I'm involved in."

Kathryn (Foley) Zimpel, '11
Education major

"My Stritch scholarships allowed me to truly focus on my education, without the pressure of holding a full time job to cover my tuition. This freedom shaped me into who I am today and prepared me to share my gifts as a teacher."

Shakeeta Sanders
Psychology major, Sociology minor

"When I lost my home recently due to a fire, Stritch was there. I can say that I have a second family at Stritch and if it were not for the scholarships offered, I would not be able to complete my post-secondary education."

Trevor Rees, '11
Theater and Communication Arts major

"My time at Stritch has been filled with an incredible amount of encouragement and support. With the classes, the people, the financial aid I receive, and the activities and internships, Stritch has become like a second family to me."

Becky Winters, '04

Winters always wanted to pursue a career in nursing. A four-year Stritch scholarship offered her academic excellence and on-the-job training that led to a nursing degree in 2004.

Recently, Winters was offered a number of job advancements and will be leading an entire acute care team. The Stritch experience runs in the family as Winters’ older sister, Tracy, and twin sister, Rachel, are Stritch alums.

Chris Harris, '98

The Kansas neighborhood where Chris Harris grew up was in rapid decline. Without any fundraising experience, Harris, a Sociology graduate, purchased an entire city block and began a transformation.

Today, the four-acre Harris Foundation’s Midtown Sports & Activities Center is not only a recreation and education facility, it serves as an inspiration for community renewal, beauty, and expansion.

Michele Baumann, '04

Michele Baumann, a first generation graduate, came to Stritch on a scholarship to continue her first love – basketball. The St. Clare Room Grant made it possible for her to earn her BS in the College of Business in 2000. Baumann changed career directions and pursued an advanced degree in teaching.Today, her two younger sisters, Sara and Carla, are following in her footsteps. Sara is a recent Stritch graduate, and Carla is a current student.

Tiffany Givens, '02, '04, '07

Tiffany Givens got a fresh start on life for herself and her three kids through Cardinal Stritch University’s Lifetime Learners program. With classes at the Next Door Foundation, in the city’s most economically disadvantaged neighborhood, the program aims to provide students with not only an associate’s degree in business but also a sense of hope. Givens was so inspired by her experience that she went on to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s in business from Stritch – and a promotion at work.

It takes resources to produce these kinds of results.

Please consider a gift to the Stritch Annual Fund. You’ll be making the best investment – in the future of our community.

  • 90% of Stritch students require financial aid to complete their degrees
  • 80% of Stritch students work while attending school
  • Nearly 50% of the applicants who do not attend Stritch cite insufficient financial aid as the reason
  • Each year, Stritch administers nearly $11 million dollars in financial aid, including merit and need-based scholarships from both institutional and other sources
  • Approximately 70% of Stritch alumni live and work in Wisconsin

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