New scholarship supports military families

by Sara Woelfel

Each year, Veteran’s Day holds deep meaning for Ron Phelps, ’93, who served for six years in the U.S. Army, trained as a logistics specialist and activated for service in the 1991 Gulf War.

This year, Phelps observed this special day by announcing the start of a scholarship fund dedicated to supporting military veterans and their family members who attend Cardinal Stritch University.

"I know true heroes who have been in the thick of conflict, doing multiple tours, all in heavy combat, and seeing things that most people would shudder at," said Phelps, whose grandfather, an Army Air Corps bomber, escaped from behind enemy lines three different times during World War II. "If I have the ability to help some of those individuals who made us all so proud, then I think there is no greater reason for doing something like this."

Phelps said he feels immediate kinship with other military veterans who, like him, took a giant leap when they raised their right hand to swear an oath to serve their country no matter what the cost.

"When someone says this is where you’ll jump and this is how high, you know the person next to you is going to jump with you and just as high," said Phelps, explaining the deep bonds that connect veterans.

Phelps, who earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Stritch following his military stint, now works as a wealth advisor, portfolio management director, and senior investment management consultant for the Phelps Group at Morgan Stanley in Madison, Wisconsin. Outside of work, he devotes time to local causes and is especially passionate about serving as an American Corporate Partners mentor, offering guidance to new military veterans during their transition back to the workforce.



"A lot of people have ideas of what the military is or isn’t, but I would never be where I am today if I didn’t serve," Phelps said. "I learned a deeper sense of responsibility that comes from being a part of something larger." 

Phelps worked with Chris Lange, ’11, director of major gifts and planned giving, to create the Ronald L. Phelps Annual Scholarship for Military Veterans and Families. To learn how you can begin discussions about creating a scholarship, contact Lange at (414) 410-4207 or Visit for additional information.