Perspectives on internships

Rare are the college students these days who graduate without at least one internship experience to fortify their resume, clarify their career goals and help them make valuable connections in their fields. The value and importance of internships are well known, and yet each employer and student might articulate their particular experience and perspective differently based on their personal interactions, workload and relationships.

Alumnus John Pfeifer, ’04, publisher of The Southern Illinoisan, wrote an opinion piece on the value of internships based on his personal experience hiring and supervising Stritch Magazine editor Sara Woelfel – a college student at the time – more than 20 years ago. Read his reflection, originally published in The Southern Illinoisan in September 2015.

Then hear about internships from the flip side, with five Stritch interns reflecting in video interviews on the work they did at Milwaukee-area businesses, including: