Eighteen Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi celebrated their anniversaries of religious profession at a Jubilarian Mass in July 2016. As foundresses of Cardinal Stritch University, all Sisters hold a special connection to the University. Among the 18 honored in 2016, 13 are graduates of and/or worked at Stritch (indicated with an * and a graduation year or notations about their work).

75 years (not pictured) 

• Sister Margaret Gardner

70 years

• Sister Beth Anne Herrmann  
• *Sister Yvonne Haase, ’60 
• *Sister Jessine Reiss (60 years at Stritch in various positions, including associate professor of English) 
• *Sister Celestine Rupprecht, ’61, ’75

60 years

• Sister Eleanor Riordon 
• *Sister Ann Lawrence Kolbeck, ’71 
• *Sister Mary Ann Schroedl, ’70 
• *Sister Nancy Kazik, ’70 (currently serving on Stritch’s Board of Trustees) 
• *Sister Joanne Nicgorski, ’65 (currently serving on Stritch’s Board of Trustees) 
• Sister Rita Kosednar 
• *Sister Ancille Horgan, ’61, ’70 
• *Sister Renee Costanzo, ’69 (taught in the biology department at Stritch for 20 years) 
• *Sister Leo Marie Schiltgen (ministered in clerical work and business management in the Milwaukee area for 60 years, including at Stritch) 
• *Sister Janet Dielen, ’63 

50 years

• Sister Rebecca Burke 
• *Sister Florence Deacon, Ph.D., ’68 (taught history and political science and chaired the history and social studies departments) 
• *Sister Joyanne Mueller (served as adjunct faculty member)

Read a more detailed account, researched and written by Jean (Wagner) Merry, '84, communications director for the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi.