Alumni Spotlight: Ruth Agrusa (M.A. Reading and Language Arts, '86) and Joel Lubbers (M.A. Religious Studies, '15)

Most people who travel through Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport are familiar with the “recombobulation” area just past the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint. The aptly named zone provides space to gather your belongings and lace up your shoes before continuing toward your gate.

Now, the airport is home to another “recombobulation” space of sorts; this one focused on gathering your thoughts and improving your mental and spiritual health.

The General Mitchell International Airport Meditation Room, which opened in November 2017, invites travelers to “come, rest and renew.” 

Ruth Agrusa, ’86, chair of the Interfaith Airport Meditation Room, has been an unwavering advocate for the grassroots effort, which included community members, health care professionals and religious leaders. 

“My hope for this room is that when people come here, they will have a sense of peace,” Agrusa said in an interview with FOX 6.

Alumnus Joel Lubbers, ’15, also participated in the building campaign, volunteering his time to raise both funds and awareness for the project.

Agrusa maintains that the group’s work doesn’t end now that the meditation room is open. The next step is to build chaplaincy, with representatives from multiple faiths.