Polling the Experts

What daily habit can people adopt that will contribute positively to their long-term health?

Jeff Nerone, ’15
Behavioral health therapist, Aurora Psychiatric Hospital—Northshore, Milwaukee

“One daily practice is to identify three things that you can be grateful for. Three things that happened in your life or three things that you have that perhaps you took for granted. Some people even create a gratitude journal so they can reflect back on the good things in their life. This habit of seeing gratitude can help people pay attention each day to the positive experiences in their life.”

Catherine Andersen, ’05
Founder and co-owner, Achieve Personal Fitness, Milwaukee

“I know this sounds too easy, but increasing an individual’s water intake has multiple immediate and long-term health benefits. We suggest people start with 3/4 of a gallon to get used to the increased hydration. They can make their daily coffee or tea with the water, use it to make morning oatmeal – it all counts as water intake. Once they have made that a routine, we encourage them to up it to a gallon. Water is necessary for all of the body’s metabolic processes, including cellular turnover, protein synthesis (recovery) and fat metabolism. The body just ‘works better’ with a higher water intake.”

Douglas Leonhardt, ’10
Executive chef, Blue Mound Golf and Country Club, Wauwatosa

“Eating small meals four or five times each day, making sure to include plenty of greens and vegetables, is a way to stay healthy and increase your energy throughout the day.”